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All of our bass guitars for sale are easily purchased in a safe secure web environment with your security in mind. We also offer bass guitar strings, pickups, cases, amplifiers and many more accessories. If you are looking for a bass guitar sale or beginner kits, we are happy to say you'll find these items on these pages as well. We're proud to offer these instruments at what we consider the best Prices for acoustic and electric models on the net. Be sure and browse the resources on this page to find your favorite brand and model. If you can't find the musical instrument of your choice on these pages, simply contact us and state your preference. We'll track down your information and get back to you with our findings.

Our line up of bass guitars for sale include famous names like Fender, Gibson, Ibanez, Epiphone, Jackson, ESP,
Schecter, Washburn, Squier, Yamaha, Dean, Warwick and Rogue.

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Schecter Guitar Research Omen-4 Electric Bass Guitar Black
"The Omen-4 electric bass guitar is the perfect bass for beginners to intermediate players. Quality woods and great sounding electronics give this bad boy a fully-loaded arsenal for the sonic onslaught that awaits.Rosewood is naturally oily and works well



Epiphone Thunderbird Classic-Iv Pro Electric Bass Guitar Alpine White
"The Thunderbird IV was first introduced in 1963 and instantly became one of rock's most recognizable bass guitar designs. For almost five decades, the Thunderbird has powered artists as varied as Nikki Sixx, The Who, Kings of Leon, Cheap Trick, Lynyrd Sk



Yamaha Trbx504 4-String Premium Electric Bass Transparent Brown Rosewood Fretboard
"From the tip of the headstock to the bottom strap button, the Yamaha TRBX504 bass is a great value, but more than that, it's a great instrument. Equipped with all of the features a committed student needs in order to advance on his or her instrument, the



D'angelico Excel Series Hollowbody Bass Natural
"D'Angelico Guitars introduces the EX-Bass with a single-cutaway, semi-hollow body and 32.25 scale that bears the classic vibe and vintage feel that's come to be expected from this classic crafter of fine instruments. The EX-Bass features a laminated flam



Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Extreme-5 5-String Bass Black Cherry
"Schecter's 35"" scale Stiletto Extreme-5 5-String Bass features a tonewood combination of quilted maple top, mahogany body, maple neck and rosewood fretboard paired with a Schecter Diamond Bass pickup to give you plenty of low-end groove. This flat top,



Ibanez Sr250 Electric Bass Soda Blue Sunburst
"The Ibanez SR250 Electric Bass packs the essential qualities of upper-end SR basses. With the same-SR smooth and fast neck reinforced with 3pc Maple woods, you'll never feel playing bass is difficult. It also features 24 frets that allow you to access 2-



Squier Affinity Series Jazz Bass Guitar Race Red
"Representing the best value in bass guitar design available today, the Affinity Series Jazz Bass rocks powerful tone and fast feel. Crisp and punchy, the Jazz Bass is renown for its sound and comfortable playing feel. Eye-catching finishes and flexible f



G&L Tribute Sb2 Electric Bass Guitar Bordeaux Red Rosewood Fretboard
"When Leo Fender launched the G&L SB-2 bass in 1982, he packed his latest innovations in pickup and bridge design into a straightforward, hard-working bass. If you prefer a less-is-more aesthetic but hunger for something meatier, the SB-2 is just the



Sterling By Music Man S.U.B. Ray5 5-String Electric Bass Guitar Satin Walnut
"The S.U.B. Series family of instruments introduce a new level of quality, features and value for the beginning or intermediate player. Part of the esteemed Music Man & Sterling by Music Man family of instruments, Sterling by Music Man feel all player



Schecter Guitar Research Damien Platinum 5 Electric Bass Guitar Satin Black
"The Damien Platinum 5 5-string electric bass exudes custom design at a price that's perfect for any musician and almost any budget. It features quality components such as a mahogany body with arched top, a 3-piece maple neck with rosewood fretboard and t



Fender Classic Series '50S Precision Bass Lacquer Black
"Introduced in the early 1950s, the Precision Bass profoundly affected the sound of popular music and quickly became an indispensable instrument for musicians everywhere. It introduced a deep and powerful new sound into the rocking and rolling 1950s and s



Schecter Guitar Research Baron-H Vintage Electric Bass Guitar Black
"The Baron-H Vintage electric bass guitar is Schecter's perfect combination of classic elegant looks and awesome modern technology. The Semi-Hollow chambered Baron body adds an ample amount of resonance giving it a fuller tone and better acoustic/natural



Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass 77 3-Color Sunburst
"Squier's Vintage Modified Jazz Bass '77 returns you to the age of funk and the dawn of punk with sleekly offset agathis (Black and three-color sunburst finishes) and soft maple (Amber finish) bodies, dual Fender-designed pickups and a slim ""C""-shaped m



Fender Custom Shop '57 Precision Bass Relic Masterbuilt By John Cruz Transparent Gretsch Orange
Save BIG when you buy today!



Sterling By Music Man Ray35ca 5-String Electric Bass Guitar 3-Color Sunburst
"The Ray35CA is the newest addition to the Sterling 5-String Bass offering. Sharing the same basic body and electronic specs as it's 4-string Ray34CA Classic Active counterpart, Ray35CA is a no-nonsense, tone machine workhorse.The Classic Active Series ba



G&L Asat Semi-Hollow Electric Bass Guitar Honey Burst
"When Leo Fender launched the G&L L-2000 bass in 1980, it was clear he was ready to make history all over again. Never before had such a wide range of tones come from a single bass, and throughout its evolution the iconic L-2000 has continued to win t


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Some background on the bass guitar and it's evolution

The bass guitar was invented in the 1930s as an alternative to the stand up double bass that was typically used to create sonorous resonance in jazz and blues, the precursors to rock and roll. The advent of the rock and roll sound, which included loud guitar licks and strums that would overpower the traditional bass lines, meant that the electric bass became a staple for many different artists. The first widely successful basses, of the solid body model that we know today and which include pickups in the composition, went on the market courtesy of Leo Fender in 1951.

Most commonly, a bass guitar will have four strings, tuned E-A-D-G. These strings are set to match the lowest four strings of the standard 6 string, but are tuned one octave lower.

The arrival of the acoustic model

It was originally conceived as an electric instrument, meant to be amplified via an amplifier to give a rhythm and lower line feel to the music being performed. When performing acoustically or on quieter songs, artists would forego the bass altogether or go back to the stand up double bass model. This option was an expensive one, however, since large instruments such as the stand up bass continue to be the most costly and least portable (standard bass guitar cases are about half the size of double bass cases).

In the 1970s, Ernie Ball (a guitar developer well known for designing accessories) designed an acoustic bass that would accompany acoustic performances without drowning out the finer sound of the acoustic guitar. These basses, like their electric counterparts, had a larger body than the acoustic guitars, which means that if you play one you will probably need one of the many bass guitar stands available. Bass guitar pickups for acoustic models are usually piezoelectric or magnetic. Bass guitar pickups are generally encouraged in the acoustic models as the low sounds mean that they are difficult to hear over other instruments when unamplified.

Getting to know alternative basses and available options

Although the four string, fretted model is the most common type, these are by no means the only choices available. Musicians seeking to increase the range of sound in their music have the option of a 5 string bass guitar and (although rarely used) even a six string bass. In the five string model, a low B string is added above the E, while in the six string models a high C is added below the G. Acoustic basses with the added B string are often tuned differently in order to produce a sound that can be heard more readily while played.

Basses can also be purchased with no frets or with semi-fretting. Fretless basses are more akin to their stand-up originators and allow players more options in style of play, as well as a distinct sound created when the string is pressed directly on the wood. Semi-fretting models are very rare.

While bass guitars originally were created with 20 frets, modern basses will typically have 24 frets or more. This allows the artist to increase the range of sound created.