Motorcycle Drum Thrones

Motorcycle drum thrones, stools and accessories, drum sets including acoustic, electronic sets as well as drum machines for sale online! The biggest brand name manufacturers include tama, pearl, ludwig, yamaha, dw and more. We also carry a complete line of junior childrens drum sets for the beginner.

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Gibraltar Oversized Motorcycle-Style Drum Throne Seat
This extra-wide motorcycle-style throne features a Cordura top with wrapped vinyl around the sides and bottom of the seat.



Gibraltar 6600 Series Motorcycle-Style Drum Throne
"This Gibraltar 6600 Series lightweight compact seat delivers premium performance and comfort at a great low price. Drummer's throne adjusts from 18"" to 24"" high.Top grade foam for maximum comfortAdjusts from 18"" to 24"" high"



Gibraltar Oversized Motorcycle Throne
"The Gibraltar Oversized Motorcycle Throme sports a cordura and vinyl seat with extra-soft foam padding. Adjusts from 20"" to 28"" high. Very stable double-braced legs with thick rubber feet."



Gibraltar Drum Throne With Oversized Motorcycle Seat And Backrest
This extra-wide motorcycle-style seat features a Cordura top with wrapped vinyl around the sides and bottom of the seat. Drum throne comes with a supportive backrest.



Ddrum Motorcycle Drum Throne
The ddrum Motorcycle Drum Throne has a comfortable motorcycle-style throne that allows total unrestricted movement of your legs while playing. Stitched ddrum and Heavy Hitter logos add a touch of flash. The 3-legged design is both solid and has a small fo