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Bass On Demand Like a Session Player on CD

By: Nancy Jo Knight
Build lifelike bass tracks for your songs on Mac or PC with that intangible human quality you just can't get with midi or sequenced bass. (PRWEB) February 24, 2005 -- Featuring some of the most essential bass patterns used in rock, pop and country music today, Bass On Demand allows you to round out your rhythm tracks with a lifelike, pro bass performance. The 1800+ loops and riffs are available in 8 keys over two octaves, so you can pitch change without any degradation in sound quality. And like its sister product, Drums On DemandT, they are organized with matching alternative loops, transitions/fills, plus single pitch patterns. You can quickly build a track with loops from the one folder or mix and match with loops in related, similar-feeling folders. It's almost like a Session Player on CDT. Songwriter Sensibility Sure, you can find cool bass jams on many loop CDs out there, but what's lacking is the songwriter-sensibility required to construct a lifelike track - driven by the complexity and chord patterns of your song. Now you can construct a pro bass performance with the fret buzzes, the slides - that intangible human quality you just can't get with midi or sequenced bass. In addition, the tightness and creativity of Bass On DemandT goes way beyond the "I'm-a guitarist-so-I-can-do-my-own-bass-tracks" so prevalent on many of today's home studio projects. Forget about those non-inventive, "root-heavy" tracks played on that bass you borrowed from your brother-in-law. Common Sense Organization Bass On DemandT features organization similar to the company's patent-pending Drums On DemandT volumes. The 1800+ loops and "fills" are organized by tempo and feel into 70 main folders. Groove folders include a main loop, plus several alternates and fills -- each played in eight keys over two octaves. Straight patterns include both short (tight) and long (loose) bars of eighths, quarters, halves, whole and double wholes notes. For details and previews visit Key Features - Nearly 700 megs of content (24-bit version) - Tempos include 70, 100, 130 & 160 - Common core patterns for rock, pop, country - Middle of the road sound so you can beef it up or pull it back some more - Popular finger style (Two sets feature picking style) - Acidized WAV (16 or 24 Bit) and Apple Loops formats - All loops/notes played in 8 keys over two octaves for quality pitch changing - Many loop patterns interchangeable with other loops on the CD - All 4/4 (No odd-time on this volume.) - Compatible with many Drums On DemandT grooves Sesson Player Bio: Rob Honey A first-call session player and veteran road musician, Rob Honey has played on countless albums, television commercials and movie scores. A prolific songwriter, he has had cuts by Faith Hill and Diamond Rio. Before joining the band Enoch Train, he spent time as a staff writer for Star Struck Writer's Group, the Nashville-based company owned by Reba McEntire. His song Norma Jean Riley was a No. 1 hit for Diamond Rio, and a Radio & Records "Country Song of the Year."

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