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Estebans American Legacy Guitar Can Anyone Really Learn to Play the Guitar Like Esteban

By: Steve Mcarthur
You've seen Esteban on TV and thought to yourself... could I really learn to play the guitar as well as Esteban? (PRWEB) January 23, 2005 -- The Esteban's American Legacy Guitar intruction package enables anyone with enough desire to learn how to play the guitar like Esteban If a person has an inclination to play a musical instrument and has a latent talent for music, the instruction that this package provides should allow an individual to progress along very nicely in learning how to play the guitar. Learning how to play the guitar is not rocket science but is also not a piece of cake. Learning to play the guitar takes considerable dexterity when playing because you are using both the left and right hands. The left hand is used for making chords and the right hand is used primarily for strumming or playing lead riffs with a straight pick or for plucking the strings with fingernails. Esteban's American Legacy Guitar package includes over 3 hours of instructional videos and books. 3 hours of training should be sufficent to get someone going in the right direction. His package also incldes a steel string acoustical electric guitar with on board qualizer and an amplifier. In short, if learning how to play the guitar like Esteban is one of your goals in life then you need to click on the link below to find out more.

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