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Free Guitar Lesson - Step-By-Step How to Tune Your Guitar

By: Jason Pearson

Tuning your guitar might make you feel just a little
uncomfortable the first time if you have never done
it before. It is really simple once you get the hang
of it and should become part of your regular guitar
preparation before you play or start your guitar
lesson each day.

Before you begin to practice or play, you should always
make sure that your guitar is in tune. You tune each
string to its correct pitch by turning the appropriate
tuning key or peg.

Before we start, look and see which way you have to turn
the turning keys to tighten or loosen the strings?

Below you will find some useful steps to tuning your guitar.
Once you do this a few times and take some mental notes your
confidence will grow and you won't have to refer back to
these steps any longer.

Relative Tuning - "guitar lesson"

If your guitar is already pretty well in tune, you can use
the relative tuning method to tune up.

1. Use a left-hand finger to press down on the sixth string
(low E) just behind (to the left of) the fifth fret. When
you pluck this string, you will hear an A note. This note
should sound the same as the fifth string played open
(that is, without being fretted by a left-hand finger).

2. If the fifth string (or A string) does not sound in tune,
use the tuning peg to loosen it until it sounds lower than
the sixth string, fifth fret. Then slowly bring it up to pitch.

3. When your A string is in tune, fret it at the fifth fret.
This note is D, and should sound the same as the open D, or
fourth string.

4. When your D string is in tune, fret it at the fifth fret.
This note is G, and should sound the same as the open G, or
third string.

5. When your G string is in tune, fret it at the fourth fret.
This note is B, and should sound the same as the open B, or
second string.

6. When your B string is in tune, fret it at the fifth fret.
This note is E, and should sound the same as the open high E,
or first string.

I hope you found this information to be useful. Thanks to
technology you can learn how to play guitar online. For more
information or to learn guitar online please checkout my blogs.

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