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Guitar Courses Available Online

By: Peter Lenkefi

Learning how to play the guitar by participating in one of the many guitar courses available online is a great convenience. The Internet has become not only a vast marketplace, but it has also proven that it is an excellent learning environment. Just look at the number of colleges and universities and other institutions of learning that have made it possible to learn at home or anywhere for that matter. The most attractive feature of guitar courses that you can enroll into online is convenience. You can generally decide when you want to learn and your set. One thing you will discover when you research the available guitar courses that exist online is that you have choices. Settling on one particular course is a matter of deciding what works best for you.

Do you like structured learning with the ability to choose the lessons that you learn? is a large network of information. You can find information on just about any topic by visiting this website. Guitar courses are only one of the many online courses you will find on this portal. The advantage of is that you have options. You can read the lessons that make up the guitar courses that are available, or you can register for an e-mail course. When you sign up for this type of course, every day a lesson is delivered to you via e-mail. Either option allows you the flexibility to view the information when you want. In addition, professional guitarists write the guitar courses that are available on, so you receive insight from someone who has played the guitar professionally. If you need information in addition to the guitar courses, features a host of articles and resources that accompany each course.

Like the classroom environment, but don't want to actually spend time in a classroom? may work best for you. The online guitar courses featured through are available on the same schedule as the Berkelee College of Music, the traditional classroom version of the school. Where the guitar courses are free, you will pay upwards of $500 for these guitar courses. The courses that are available include learning the basics, using an amplifier, and recording. You have flexibility in what you want to learn, but the structure will vary according to the instructor for the course. If you're not sure online learning is for you, offers a sample course for you to try.

Have an interest in learning the bass guitar? is an online portal dedicated to teaching you everything you need to know about playing a bass guitar. You select the lessons you want to review and you're off. This portal includes interactive learning so you feel like you are actually in a classroom setting. The interactive Ear Training lesson is especially interesting. Once you master a lesson, you may want to show off your skills. allows guitarists to submit an MP3 of featuring them playing their guitar.

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