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Guitar Grip Technique

By: ian Williamson

It is important for a person to learn how to handle the guitar properly while learning to play. As a beginner, he must understand that it is not advisable for him to learn to play while he is standing. He must make himself comfortable with his position so that he will be able to execute correctly while playing his guitar. He must learn that the first technique to learn is how to hold the guitar before attempting to play it. Here are some guidelines you need to know to hold the guitar properly:

1. Find an armless chair where you can sit comfortably and place your back against the back of the chair. Remember not to repeat any mannerism such as slouching.

2. When holding the guitar remember to have contact from the chest and stomach with the back part of the guitar. Make sure that a parallel position of the lower neck of the guitar to the floor is maintained.

3. He should place his face near to the first string of the guitar- which is the thickest one. With the other hand, the sixth string, which is the thinnest one, should be vertically aligned with the floor.

4. A right-handed person holding the guitar will point the headstock to the left (this is the normal position); while the left-handed player will let the headstock point to the left.

5. A person who is left-handed must find a guitar especially designed for left-handed people as most guitars are designed for right-handed guitar players.

6. If a person is seated on a chair, he must make sure that the entire body of the guitar rests on his laps; holding the face of the guitar with the right hand while the left hand supports the bottom neck part.

7. Now that the left hand is ready on the frets, he must concentrate on the positioning of the fingers on the frets before executing the chords. The thumb will rest at the back of the fretting hand supporting the fingers on the front.

Holding the guitar properly is an important factor. If he holds the guitar in the proper way when playing, he will have the confidence to execute well. A poor grip can lead not only to excessive fatigue and discomfort but also provide a real hindrance to you developing your guitar playing skills. Put some effort into mastering your grip and you will reap rewards later on.

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