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Guitar Lessons

By: Russ Hutto

Free Guitar Lessons

Trying to find the right guitar lesson experience? In this world with all kinds of styles of music and bands, finding someone to teach you what you really dream of playing is kind of tough. One person may be more into jazz, one more into rock, one more into blues. It all depends on the individual.

Have you ever had a guitar lesson that just seemed to never end. Your teacher kept going on and on about stuff you never really wanted to learn anyways? A good guitar lesson should be about teaching you to develop what you are passionate about. If you're not passionate about classical guitar styles, then why learn them?

Don't get me wrong a good guitarist is well-versed. This means they can play a variety of styles. But let's be real. The majority of us just want to just pick up a guitar and PLAY! We don't want guitar lesson after guitar lesson of boring theory and stuff that doesn't really help us PLAY!

Anyways, finding the right guitar lesson should be more about finding what YOU like. If you want to play rock music, find a rock guitarist to teach you. If you want to play jazz, find a jazz guitarist. If you want to play classical guitar, then get you some classical lessons.

Guitar is one of the easiest and best instruments to get started on. It's a matter of learning a few chords and going from there. The problem is finding a teacher who'll give you a good guitar lesson that doesn't include all the stuff that really doesn't matter when it comes down to just playing a song.

It may be hard to find free guitar lessons. Most teachers won't offer free guitar lessons. If you can find one that's great. I recommend finding an online alternative if you're just itching to get started.

I've seen some good online sites come and go. If you can find a good online guitar lesson site that is inexpensive you're doing well! Why? Because you can learn at your own pace and learn what you want to learn.

Information about these sites can be found at any search engine and most offer nice programs. Some are even membership based. My suggestion is to decide what it is exactly that you want to accomplish with your playing and then choose the program that's good for you.

Many of these sites offer comprehensive chord lessons and finger-picking technique courses that will enhance your skills as you progress. They also offer chord sheets and finger placement charts as well. You should be able to download a small application or set of pdfs/docs that include all this info, if the site is set up well.

Free Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons

Russ has played/toured/written for a traveling rock band for 4 1/2 years. Studied music composition in college and continues to participate in music ministry and church music activities.

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