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Guitar Maintenance Tips to Lengthen the Life of Your Guitar

By: Peter Lenkefi

You are about to receive some good news in the form of guitar maintenance tips. Why should you consider guitar maintenance tips good news? Guitars are very expensive and it only makes sense that you follow guitar maintenance tips so that you can preserve your investment. While playing your guitar is your main focus, you should also concentrate on preserving your instrument so that you can continue to play it for years to come. Guitar maintenance doesn't have to be an involved chore. Just following the few guitar maintenance tips listed here can ensure that your instrument will be there for you to play years from now. In addition, if you perform general maintenance on your guitar it is unlikely that you will have bigger problems to worry about later.

The Easy Way to Clean a Guitar

There are plenty of products on the market that are designed for cleaning guitars. There are products to help you maintain your strings. You can buy solutions designed especially for cleaning the fretboard. You can surely try any of these. However, you can use a simple approach to keeping your guitar clean that can save your money. Dust is the main form of debris that will collect on your guitar. If at least once each week (or more if you play often) you dust you guitar, you can prevent dust buildup that can actually affect your playing. If you want to get a bit fancy with your cleaning, you can skip the fancy cleaners and purchase a solvent that is designed to be used on guitars. You can expect to pay only a couple of dollars for solvent, whereas guitar cleaners can cost as much as $10 a bottle.

If you want to take cleaning your guitar a step further, a good polish can help preserve the wood of your guitar and give it an excellent shine. There is one tip to remember about polishing your guitar. Make sure you only use polish that is designed for guitars. Other types of polish can ruin the smooth finish on guitars.

Installing Guitar Strings

When you first learn to play a guitar you will want someone to help you install new guitar strings. Later you will be able to handle this task on your own. You will install guitar strings probably more than any other maintenance task. If you purchase a used guitar, one of the first things you will want to do is replace the strings. A good rule of thumb is to replace your strings every two months. In about this time, the oil from your fingers can over time weaken the strings and their tone.

There are actually several methods that you can use to install new guitar strings. Probably the most common and simplified method that prevents ruining of the string is to allow some slack to fall at the post that you are stringing. Once the string is secure at both ends, simply tighten the string by twisting the tuner until you no longer have any slack.

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