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Learn to Play Guitar Like Jimi Hendrix

By: Steven Yeoh
Is it possible to learn to play guitar like Jimi Hendrix? Ask Ben Edwards, the creator of Jamorama Guitar Learning Kit. (PRWEB) June 21, 2005 -- You've probably found that learning to play the guitar isn't as easy as it looks - But Ben Edwards has created a unique and ground breaking guitar training methods that he claim will help you to get results fast. Learning to play guitar is like learning how to speak a language. If you were learning Spanish, for instance, you would need to listen lots and speak lots, and you'd become more fluent in your knowledge the more you try to imitate native speakers. The same is true if you want to learn to play guitar. you will become more professional the more you learn how to imitate and play in time with professional guitar players. It is base on this concept that Ben has developed its guitar learning system. It took him 2 years to get this system ready for his students. Ben's guitar learning system consist of 84 Step-by-step Guitar Lessons (supported by video and audio files) organized across 3 high quality books which will take from beginner to advanced in your guitar playing. It has also 54 high-quality video lessons! These video lessons have been professionally recorded and edited to show you how a guitar is supposed to be played. Ben's system will also teach you how you can train your ear to identify all the various guitar chords, simply by playing his revolutionary new computer game called "GuitEarIt!" Training your ear by playing "GuitEarIt!", is not only fun, it will fast track you to playing your favorite songs by ear. Here's what some of Ben's students are saying: "Thank you for your reply. It is great doing business with someone like you, you really do care about your customers. The lessons are fantastic, I have only been playing a few weeks and already feel I have made good progress. Thank you!" -- Paula Smart (Canada) "First off; you've got a great product here. Being older and a lawyer, I'm prone to be very skeptical about internet purchases. But I must say, you deliver what you say you will. You and your staff should be very impressed with yourselves" -- Andrew Cantor (USA) For more information and to contact Ben, please visit:

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