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Music... The Perfect Remedy To A Long & Tiring Day

By: Armant Melo

Music is a part of our lives almost every day. Even if you
do not consider yourself to be a big music fan, you still
unconsciously listen to music everyday. One big place where
we hear music is on the television.

There is background and "mood" music in sitcoms and TV shows
that you watch everyday. We have all heard those catchy
commercial jingles that stick with us throughout the day.
These are just some examples of music.

Types of Music

There are so many types of music out there. You can buy CDs,
listen to the radio and even listen to music or learn about
music on TV. MTV, VH1 and various other television channels
are geared towards music. You can turn on your radio and
pick up the waves of many local and some even distant
stations that play different types of music. Music is really
everywhere and there is so much to choose from.

Some of the more common types of music are country, R&B, hip
hop, rock, classical and pop or dance. Many other categories
have came from these basic genres. There are also many
different categories according to decade. For example, you
can get hits of the 70s, 80s, 90s and today. These will play
you all the hits and chart toppers from that era.

Digital Music

Just like many other things in life today, music has went
digital and there are many more opportunities now for you to
enjoy it. You can download music online and store it on your
computer. You can also listen to music online. There are
many websites that let you listen to music and there are
literally thousands of stations so you can listen to any
type of music you like. Many of these let you customize them
so you only listen to what you like and nothing that you

Another breakthrough in the digital music scene was the MP3
file. MP3s are just a way to compress a music file since
music files are fairly large. The MP3 can be downloaded to
your computer, stored in folders and also transferred to MP3
players. There are portable MP3 players that are basically
modern day Walkmans but instead of radio, or CDs, you have
digital files.

The amount of files you will be able to store will vary but
you can store many more than you could on a CD because they
are compressed. They are stored inside your machine in
digital format so you don't have to worry about skipping or
losing your station.

Armant Melo is the "music director" & webmaster of
Fur Music, a resource
for music lovers worldwide. To get tips on producing,
finding and downloading the latest music, please visit his
website now:

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