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The Best Method to Play Pink Floyd Music on Your Guitar and to Prepare Well!

By: Ameen Jabbar

Obtain an effective quality guitar

Obviously you have to own a guitar. The best ones are Fender because that is what David Gilmour uses (Pink Floyd guitarist). David Gilmour uses a Fender Stratocaster which are quite expensive but you can buy a Fender Strat which are cheaper, over 100 or $200.

Before you start to play, tune your guitar strings. Electronic tuners are inexpensive. Get one.

Get some guitar effects, Gilmour does why not you!

It is best to obtain some extra effects such as reverb, distortion or gain and maybe some chorus or delay. Your playing will sound more pleasing to the ear, fun and professional.

Get hold of Pink Floyd Guitar tablature

Find some Pink Floyd Guitar tabs or sheet music by searching online. To save you time, the best site is Pink Floyd Guitar (please click) because it consists of lessons and doesn't just give you the tab and leave you to it. Pick your Pink Floyd guitar tab for your chosen song and try and pick a simpler song to start off.

Get the feel for the music

Listen to the Pink Floyd song the one that you hope to play. Hear how it sounds and get the feel for it. Concentrate on different layers of music provided by the different instruments, however, you are playing the guitar parts.

Play your Pink Floyd guitar tab

Play slowly at first, gradually improving your speed. Listen to the solo slowly and learn to play along. Some media players allow you to digitally slow down the tempo of a song without changing the pitch. Start learning the tablature. Learn one measure at a time, one line at a time. You do not need to learn an entire song on your first try. Play for a minimum of 10-15 minutes per day with one day off each week.

Allow time to improve. Don't get discouraged if you play poorly on certain days. Everyone has bad days. Start simple and gradually move to complex.

Play against a backing track

Play your Pink Floyd guitar tab over a backing track. These are available from monthly guitar magazines. Also maybe online somewhere.

Record yourself playing the Pink Floyd guitar tab

You do this by downloading or purchasing music software or just use the recorder on you pc but you would need a mic, however, they are very cheap.

Why not play it in a band!!

Have fun.

Created by Ameen Jabbar. Specializes in providing Pink Floyd music playing to musicians. For further information about guitar playing, learning famous riffs or Pink Floyd guitar techniques go to or Email:

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