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Types Of BC Rich 7 String Guitars

By: Steve Morgan
BC Rich 7 string guitars are available online in various styles and types, used and new, at different auctions and e-commerce Web sites.

One example is the BC Rich 7 string bronz Warlock Bass. Its body is made of bass wood, plus the Warlock is equipped with an EB-7 adjustable bridge that is traditional and recognized as BC Rich. Its fingerboard has 24 frets and is made of rosewood, the hardware is chrome.

Another of the 7 string BC Rich guitars is the Warlock. This jammer has an Agathis style body, with a neck bolted on and made of maple. Rosewood has been used to make the fingerboard, which has 24 jumbo-sized frets. The bridge is double locking and is a Floyd Rose Tremolo.

You can find the Warlock for just under $200. The NJ Rich Classical Mockingbird guitar and the Innovator 5 string bass are among the higher priced at $839. The NJ Rich has body wings of mahogany and a top of quilted maple. The neck is made of bolt-on maple, stringers are made of walnut.

A 1 ply neck and headstock binding of cream, equip the best of the BC Rich 7 string guitars along with a fingerboard of ebony.
Steve Morgan makes it easy to learn about guitars quickly and easily. Learn more by reading our great guitar reviews and tips now.
If you want a guitar with more than 7 strings try the Crafter acoustic 12 string guitar

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