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Buy acoustic guitars by famous guitar makers like Fender, Gibson, Martin, Takamine, Taylor and many others.

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On these pages you will find acoustic guitars for sale as well as acoustic guitar accessories and other resources including acoustic guitar strings, acoustic guitar pickups, amps, stands, straps and so much more. Famous brand name acoustic guitars include Fender, Gibson, Martin, Takamine, Ibanez, Ovation and others. If your search includes discount guitars you have come to the right place. We have some form of acoustic guitar sale almost everyday. We’re proud to offer what we consider the best prices for acoustic guitars on the internet. Be sure and browse the resources on this page to find your favorite brand and model. You can buy our flat top guitars online in a safe secure environment. If you can’t find the guitar model of your choice on these pages, we’d be happy to find that special model for you. Simply contact us and state your preference. We’ll track down your information and get back to you with our findings.

Are you interested in acoustic guitar history? Or maybe you’re just starting out and you’d like to know more about the acoustic guitar. Read about it by visiting our pages and finding out what different parts of the guitar are called and what guitar makers use to manufacture these finely tuned instruments. There’s a great deal of interesting information out there about this important instrument.

You can also check out your favorite make and model by selecting our famous brand names:

Acoustic Guitars

And by the way most models of acoustic electric guitar are available as well.

Acoustic Guitar Accessories

Deciding to take up the acoustic guitar means that there will be more investments than just your first guitar purchase. Even casual players will find that they have certain types of accessories that they need on a regular basis in order to enhance their playing abilities. These accessories can be divided up into a few different categories; for this article, we are using performance and maintenance categories. Performance items, of course, are for people who play or plan to play up in front of people, whether at a coffee shop or on a bigger stage. Maintenance accessories are the things that any guitar player will find they need from time to time in order to keep their instrument performing at the highest level.


When you are performing, you want to sound your best. You can find local guitar teachers to perfect your sound. The first step is choosing a good brand of guitar known for its sound audio qualities, such as those made by Taylor, Takamine, Yamaha or Washburn. These brands are very popular and for good reason. The manufacturers take great pride in producing a quality product that will keep their customer coming back. Not to mention, guitar players who own their product and are happy with it, will add accessories from the same manufacturer.

The type of guitar you use for performance will depend on the place in which you play. Smaller areas will not require any systems of sound broadcast, as the music will resonate throughout the space. For larger areas, though, or if you will be playing while lead singing or while accompanied by a band, you will want to be sure that you choose good quality guitar pickups. Different styles and many varieties of acoustic guitar pickups are available online so you’re sure to be heard. This is one of the most important of the ‘performance’ acoustic accessories that you can consider for a live venue. Many guitars are sold with pickups already installed, but it is possible to buy an acoustic guitar pickup separately and have it installed, or to buy one that does not need installation and can be slipped into the sound hole. Both types of pickups work well with all acoustic guitar amps.

Make sure, as well, that when you are performing you have an extra set of acoustic guitar strings with you. Also, don’t forget about a string winder and tuner. These are essential in a live setting. If your strings have just been changed, you should have no problems however, if it has been a couple of weeks and you have been playing steadily, the chances are good that you might break a string. You don’t want to be caught without backup so be prepared! There’s nothing worse than having to substitute a D string for an A.

There are all kinds of different accessories for a performance setting including straps, cables, strings and so on. We have most of these covered here so be sure and browse around.


Maintenance is an extremely important part of owning any guitar. Its critical to how long it will last you and more importantly how it sounds. Dead corroded strings will make your guitar sound only about a third as good as it can. All guitar players should be keen to make sure that they protect their investment. The purchase of an acoustic guitar is not cheap and it’s important to take care of it. Proper storage is one of the key steps in making sure that your Yamaha or other type of acoustic guitar stays healthy. Select a good case or soft shell gigbag to keep your guitar safe and protected during transport; there are both soft and hard acoustic guitar cases, and the harder the case, the safer your instrument is. Hard shell acoustic guitar cases also provide more reliable protection in household storage.

You might also want to leave your acoustic guitar out. This is a good option for people who play their guitars several times a day. In this case, acoustic guitar stands are ideal. The best acoustic guitar stands are those that allow the guitar to remain upright, hanging by the neck just where it meets the headstock.

Acoustic guitars require a little bit more in the way of maintenance than electric guitars, speaking generally. The open box which contributes to the sound of acoustic guitars, as well as their construction, are the reasons for this. Humidity can play a large part in the sound of a hollow body guitar so its important to make sure your storage area isn’t too dry.

I hope this information has been helpful and provided you with some tips to preparing for your next gig.

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