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Fender Jazz Bass Exploring Famous Models

by on Oct.21, 2012, under Bass Guitar Talk, General

Fender Jazz Bass American DeluxeBassists are extremely attracted to Fender in order to satisfy their bass needs. A Fender jazz bass will be well-built, sound great, and be very affordable. Let’s take a look at some of the jazz bass guitars that are available from Fender.

Marcus Miller Jazz Bass

The Marcus Miller Fender Jazz Bass is probably one of the best choices for the jazz bassists all around the world. They are soulful and their sound is outstanding. This model has an ash body, black control plate, dark pick-guard, and a C-shaped neck that is made of maple. The 7-inch fingerboard features bindings that are white and contains pearl inlays with a satin finish.

In terms of tone, the Miller Jazz Bass has single-coil pickups and EQ controls that are fully customizable via a toggle switch. If you enjoy seeing chrome on your bass guitar then this would be the ideal instrument for you. It offers volume knobs and a neck pickup that is made up of chrome. A deluxe bag is often included with this bass guitar.

Reggie Hamilton Standard Jazz Bass

This Fender jazz bass guitar was designed for R&B bassist’s who appreciate a soothing tone and amazing comfort while playing. It has a rosewood fingerboard, 20-frets, and an open-gear tuner to help you produce the best sound possible. If you are looking for the perfect combination of style and sound, you’ll be hard-pressed not to invest in the Reggie Hamilton Standard Jazz Bass.

American Vintage ’62 Jazz Bass

This Fender jazz bass guitar was first introduced in 1960. In terms of popularity, it tips the scale and is well known all around the world. While the original models were heavy and bulky, the newer ones offer a faster neck and an ultra-slim body that offers superior comfort. It has dual coil pickups and is often regarded as the “true jazz bass”. Like many of Fender’s jazz bass guitars, this one comes stocked with a good deal of chrome.

American Deluxe Jazz Bass

This Fender jazz bass guitar is great for modern bassists and has a sleek design that most players should be familiar with if they play on a regular basis. It has a preamp circuit that is newly designed and that offers a very passive tone. Basically, this instrument is powerful yet, not very noisy. It also contains a great deal of other levers and switches that control volume, tone, and a variety of other EQ functions. The American Deluxe Jazz Bass guitar can be quite pricey but it is definitely worth the investment.

Geddy Lee Jazz Bass

The tonality, look, and feel of this Fender jazz bass guitar is often referred to be quite similar to that of Rush’s bassist. This automatically provides a great deal of professionalism to the instrument and should guarantee a solid sound to some degree.

It has an alder body, C-shaped maple neck, and black bindings. There is a single-coil pickup that really bustles with energy and the chrome work is absolutely amazing. If you want versatility at an affordable price, this Fender jazz bass guitar would be a solid choice.

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Classical Guitar Basics

by on Oct.04, 2012, under General, Guitar Talk

classical guitarClassical guitars are typically 6-stringed are very popular among nylon string guitarists around the world. They are known for their complex melodic tones and provide a sound that you cannot find in most other guitars. The strings on this instrument are typically plucked with finger nails and almost never require a pick.

Classical guitars like to borrow certain traits from a variety of instruments and are ideal for mellow and soothing sounds. Their strings are nylon and you can choose from shapes that include:

–    Modern
–    Classical
–    Historical-Classical

Early romantic guitars were from classical origins and even the flamenco guitar was derived from this unique family.

What Kind of Sound Does it Produce?

If you see a classical guitar sale, you should do a little research on it before committing to a purchase. There are several genres of music that you can perform on this instrument – jazz, flamenco, and folk being the most common. However, this doesn’t mean that a wider array of genres can’t be played with classical model guitars.

A modern classical guitar will usually stick out and distinguish itself from other guitars of similar nature. More specifically, they will have six strings and are quite common with the characteristics of the guitars that were produced between 1790 and 1880. They are known as the “Spanish guitar” in most countries.

Classical Guitar Anatomy

Classical guitars separate themselves from the pack via a variety of unique traits:

–    It’s an acoustic instrument. You don’t need an amplifier and you can receive a deep, rich tone from the guitar with little effort.
–    It has six strings. However, don’t be surprised if you find a classical guitar that has seven or more strings.
–    The strings are made of nylon.

Most acoustic guitars have strings that are made of metal. This often produces a less than pleasing sound. Nylon is often the best route to take if you’re searching for a soothing tone.

Because the strings are tightened to such a loose tension, you receive a sound that is entirely different than regular acoustic guitars. Finger boards for this instrument are fairly flat and have, in some cases, dots that sit along the entire neck and up to the body. The strings are plucked with your fingers and a pick is almost never used.


Unlike regular guitars, strumming is almost never a technique used on the classical guitar. While some strumming patterns are available, they are not very common as this is primarily a picking instrument. The headstocks on the classical guitars are pointed backwards versus steel-string instruments that have them pointing out.


The overall design of the classical guitar is very comfortable. These instruments are light and are relatively small. You shouldn’t run into any problems if you need to transport them and many of the classical guitar packages found at classical guitar sales come with a hand bag as well as other accessories. If you see a classical guitar sale, refer to this article so that you know what you are buying.

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