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Band Recruitment Guidelines

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Regardless if it’s your wedding day, special birthday, New Year or perhaps any other special day that really needs to be celebrated, you need nothing less than the best to amuse oneself and your guest. You can find lots of means available for you to accomplish to achieve this, absolutely, although nothing beats a live band presentation when it reaches to entertainment.

In spite of this, looking for any perfect band and also employing them to perform in your celebration is not as easy as one thinks. The following are the three things that want to become considered before sealing the deal, so to speak.


Theme Concept Program

Though a number of live bandscan play kinds of music like classical, jazz, funk, rock and roll as well as pop, renting a band which will totally hold the idea of your special event is still a better concept.

If the gathering is exotic Caribbean themed, then a steel pan band is the perfect strategy to go. If you’re a youngster of the 80’s, and you want that era to become the showcase of your gathering, then choose a band that pays gratitude to the 80’s for that greatest memory lane trip.



Fit the bill and realize that we don’t have infinite sources. Engaging with the most pricey band is rather unnecessary to be assured of obtaining the best performance. With all the levels of competition in the modern market, plenty of live bands you can get can give top quality service at a very sensible price. You merely must be patient and look. You can easily use the internet and rake through websites that coordinate a good number of live bands that are categorized in their respective music genre. You can even find sites that actually list the range of prices so you can directly select your choice.



Don’t rent on the phone or even online when you’ve made your final choice. Don’t depend fully on advice and remarks. As what they say, you must examine the goods primarily. Watch them play live or maybe you can ask videos or tracks of their live jam performances. You should be certain that the music band you are hiring is really nearly as good as their reputation. Bear in mind that the live band entertainment can make your celebration a great success or maybe a dismal failure. Therefore, ensure that the performances they give will be amazing so you’ll get your money’s cost.

It isn’t in every occasion that any person will think of hiring a band. That is why one must not throw away the possibility to grace a party with live music. Take some time in viewing performances. Operate on a budget. Never make rash choices. Find the group that can best match your expectations and operate with you in terms of the cost and the repertoire.

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Slipknot Music – The Influence of Metal

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Clearly, Slipknot merch and albums have a strong, solid following. This is despite the fact that the band responsible for them have figured in several controversies and issues. Many other bands have had their share of conflicts and issues but this group seems to have courted controversy from the very start.

The year 1995 marked the birth of the band. It was spearheaded by Shawn Crahan and Paul Gray who were its first official members. The start already bore signs that the group wasn’t all too good at getting things organized. Other bands limited membership number but this group had a total of 13 members with up to 9 of them playing at the same time. Clearly, with too many artists on stage and on the studios, there was always a greater possibility of trouble brewing.

Early on, the band was said to have played such complicated sounds that what they produced while recording could not be played live. Initially, no one wanted to produce Slipknot music so the band had to produce its own songs with costs reportedly rising to as high as $40,000.

The band finally received its first record deal with Roadrunner Records in 1998. In 1999, they were finally able to release their self-titled debut album which in 2000 became their label’s first platinum release. The successful first work was followed in 2001 by goth clothing merch and Iowa. This second album was as well received as the first one but the following year almost saw the band fall apart as internal conflicts pushed them to go on hiatus.

From then on, the band’s status has been on rocky ground. Although a fourth release happened in 2004 with Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses), the band members were again on indefinite leave by 2005. They were back together again in 2006 to receive the Best Metal Performance award at the Grammy Awards and in 2008 to release All Hope is Gone. This was followed by a third break which was punctuated by the death of Gray in 2010.

Despite the apparent lack of hope for new Slipknot albums, controversies and criticisms continue to haunt the band members on indefinite leave. Among the least disturbing of these issues is the persona adopted by the different members while performing on stage. Band members wear different masks and jumpsuits and carry numbered aliases. Critics maintain that this is a basic commercial ploy to grab more attention and sell more albums. As expected, the members have denied this.

Weightier controversies have been slapped on the group, the most significant of which are links to criminal acts. Group members have not been convicted for crimes but various criminals have cited the group’s music as influential. There have been no clear records blaming the group for these instances but metal music critics nonetheless pin the blame on this band’s overly aggressive tune and lyrics.

We’ll never know for sure how much more influential Slipknot music will become. With band members pursuing individual projects and Gray dead, there is no telling just when this group will emerge with more of the distinctive belligerent sound.

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Collecting Gibson Vintage Guitars for Fun and Profit

by on Jun.30, 2011, under General

At any time considered that a guitar may be much more reliable investment in contrast to the stock market?  Vintage guitars are becoming a hot item in the collectibles market, and there are few icons more recognizable to individuals than a rock superstar and his guitar. Whilst a few weeks’ savings may have got a guitar in the 1960s, some of those instruments are selling for big bucks nowadays. Recently, George Harrison’s guitar sold for a little below six hundred thousand dollars, for example. Eric Clapton’s preferred Stratocaster from the 1970s, Blackie, sold for nearly a million.

While celebrity memorabilia have been a great investment for years, guitars on their own have primarily been overlooked. Even so, the guitar was perfected between the 1930s and the 1960s, depending on the model, and instruments from this interval are very highly regarded. Most individuals think that in 50 to a hundred years, guitars from the mid twentieth century should be thought of in a similar way as violins and cellos from the seventeenth and 18th century.

The attractiveness of any guitar expands over time, and there hasn’t yet been a period when the market declined. These vintage instruments are a good sort of protected investment. For enthusiasts who need to include all the bases, look at a varied assortment – acoustic, electric, exotic, antique, vintage, modern and even custom guitars.

Over the past few years the classic guitar market has taken a hit here and there but generally has proven to be a sound investment for most investors. The professionals say that when inflation accelerates and the greenback shrinks collectibles prove to be a good place for the money.  Although vintage guitars in general have revealed a slowdown in appreciation in the past couple years only, the most desired guitars continue to rise in value.  Many of the most coveted and valuable guitars are from Gibson and will be discussed in some detail below.

There is a quite limited supply of vintage guitars and there even now seems to be a high demand for these items of history which has turned out to be a great option for individuals who have invested in these instruments, such as the Gibson Les Pauls’ from the same era. (50’s, sixty, and 70’s).

A good put to begin accumulating vintage Gibson guitars as an investment would be to focus your projects on acquiring guitars from the number below.  Doing so number includes Gibson guitars which possess been inducted into Vintage Double bass Magazine’s Hall of Fame. There are, naturally, various email lists and other guitars really worth investing in, but doing so is absolutely a wonderful place to begin.

Gibson SG  Standard  –  Inducted in 2009

By 1960, declining sale of the Les Paul model had Gibson searching to revamp the guitar. So the manufacturer gave it a radically redesigned, much thinner (and lighter!) body, intended to better competet with Fender’s Stratocaster. But the points that produced its very heart and soul – in particular its humbucking pickups – remained. Nowadays, the early-’60s model is a true classic. Hence, a vintage Gibson SG Standard guitar will make a great investment.

Gibson Les Paul Goldtop  –  Inducted in 2008

Les Paul tried for many years to persuade Gibson it needed a solidbody in its line. Finally, Ted McCarty brought a single-cut experimental guitar to Les for his approval. However its origianl bridge/tailpiece was far from perfect, the instrument served as Gibson’s test bed through the ’50s. At some point, it arrived at the pinnacle amongst guitars and today sits amongst the top collectibles. A vintage Gibson Les Paul guitar is a good instrument and a stellar investment.

Giibson J-45  –  Inducted in 2007

Martin’s “dreadnought” flat-tops were big and dominated the guitar marketplace of the 1930s. By the early ’40s, Gibson understood it required a big flat-top to contend, and he J-45 (“J” for Jumbo, “45” indicating its price in dollars) was it. A 16″ round-shoulded flat-top, even in the tough times of its launch, it acquired a very warm welcome and has ever since remained one of – if not the – most popular Gibson guitars.

Gibson ES-5  –  Inducted in 2006

One of the initial guitars designed right after Ted McCarty took charge of Gibson, it helped solidify the manufacturer’s place as the world’s preeminent electric archtop maker. Nowadays, its late-’50s version with three PAF humbuckers and Switchmaster tone control is one of the most collectible of its ilk.

The 1954-’56 Gibson Les Paul Custom  –  Inducted in 2003

Can you say “Black Beauty?” Though Gibson didn’t give it the name, Les Paul himself chose black as the secondary color for the guitar bearing his moniker. Gibson did, nevertheless, use it to experiment with a three-pickup configuration and to implement its famed Alnico-magnet pickup.

Gibson SJ-200  –  Inducted in 2002

A landmark among acoustic flattops, the SJ-200 was designed for cowboy guitarist Ray Whitley, and any cowboy worth his salt played one. Its reputation carried over to various genres, and has never faded. From its jumbo-sized, sunburst-finished body to its ultra-fancy pickguard, bridge, and headstock, it was thought of the consummate flat-top.

Gibson ES-150  –  Inducted in 1999

Gibson’s first electric Spanish guitar was additionally the first good-quality electric to hit the market. Favored by Charlie Christian, it housed Gibson’s first pickup, which is still in high demand and thought of a classic.

Gibson Flying V  –  Inducted in 1996

One of the most distinct guitar styles previously created, but it wasn’t a hit once it came out in 1958. Rock and rollers discovered it the late ’60s and the V even now tends to make a distinctive statement today.

Gibson L-5   Inducted in 1994

Introduced in 1922 and with a style guided by the legendary Lloyd Loar, the L-5 was the first up to date archtop guitar. Initially a non-cutaway acoustic, the L-5 journeyed through quite a few changes, ultimately becoming a single-cutaway with two humbuckers.

Gibson Super 400  –  Inducted in 1993

Introduced in 1934, with its 18″ body and deluxe features, the Super 400 was the biggest and most expensive guitar in the Gibson line. Its influence was soon obvious in the designs of many of the good archtops designed by others. Whether the earlier non-cutaway acoustic version or the later on double-pickup cutaway, it remains a true work of art.

Gibson ES-335  –  Inducted in 1992

Born in the course of Gibson’s “golden era,” the semi-hollow body ES-335 wedded archtop looks with solidbody performance. Regardless of whether it has dot inlays or blocks, the vintage Gibson ES-335 guitar remains one of the funkiest designs in guitardom.

Gibson Les Paul Standard (Sunburst)  –  Inducted in 1990

Additionally an simple first-year selection, LP Standard was introduced with a sunburst finish in 1958, and the ’58 to’60 models are the most priceless vintage solidbody guitars. The Vintage Les Paul Standard is a classic no matter what finish it bears.



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A Few Simple Steps to Start Playing the Guitar

by on Jun.29, 2011, under General

Lots of people that want to discover exactly how to play the guitar want to rush themselves, getting directly into guitar tabs well before they have a firm grasp on the basics of the guitar. The key point to becoming a very good guitar player, is to become a master of the important, fundamental components of the musical instrument well before attempting to proceed on to far more sophisticated and challenging guitar skills. Before you can understand how to play the guitar you ought to first learn how the guitar operates and the best way to effectively take care of it.

The acoustic guitar is made of a extended wood fretboard linked to a large hollow body above which a set of 6 strings, of different thicknesses, are extended. These strings range in width and, whenever strummed, each sounds with a different music note. By pressing down a string at multiple areas on the fretboard (all these spots are referred to as guitar frets) you can alter the pitch of the tone. It’s common for individuals to undervalue the importance of learning about guitars and how to care for it before they begin to actually learn to play the guitar. However, figuring out how to tune your own guitar and figuring out just how to correctly replace strings and protect your instrument can influence how well it plays and exactly how much time it holds up.

When you have gotten an adequate comprehension of these kinds of key facts you can truly feel a lot more reassured in moving forward on toward learning to play the guitar. It is best to start by familiarizing your self with the open strings and after that progress towards using frets to produce different notes and chords. Many new guitar players think it is unpleasant at the beginning to push down on the guitar strings plus it demands a whole lot of technique to establish familiarity with the appropriate location your fingers ought to be in to hit every single note. Do not be too anxious to go forward from learning the notes – notes will be the foundations of chords, phase 2 in your training, nevertheless, you can not effectively master chords unless you’ve a solid basis in the notes which they are made out of. Perhaps it will seem monotonous to commit lots of time running through notes, however when it comes time to study chords and scales you will be thankful you studied. As soon as you devote yourself to mastering all these fundamentals, you are going to find that, down the road, you will be a lot better guitar player because of it. So exactly what you holding out for? Go ahead and locate yourself a awesome used guitar and get jamming.

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Tips to Play Acoustic Guitar

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These mini guitar lessons have been put together for the beginner acoustic guitar student who feels a  need to play music but is a bit short on steering.

Lesson One – What kind of guitar are you going to buy?

If you have a uncut idea of what kind of music you want to play, the next step is to find yourself a guitar.Let’s start with the basics – nylon string or steel string. A nylon string guitar was made to play classical and folk music. Acoustic guitars make their music by sending the vibration of the strings to the soundboard. The vibrations are then amplified in the body of the guitar. Nylon string guitars make a mellow tone; steel string guitars make a brighter, more metal(a) sound. One of the main things that will form you in deciding what kind of sound you want is the guitar your favorite performer plays.

If you are just starting out you will not need a top of the range guitar but it is best to get the nicest one in your price range. A cheap, poorly made guitar will be an stiff battle to play. A good instrument will make your practice sessions something to look forward to.

Try different guitars. See how the neck feels. Check out if one neck feels more comfortable to play than others. Another consideration is the distance of the strings from the fret board which is called the “action”. Low action is easier to play but if you are planning on strumming enthusiastically or picking loudly the guitar may have a tendency to buzz.

Lesson Two – Go ahead and learn.

The very first step toward learning to play acoustic guitar is to develop confidence and to overcome your instinctive reluctance to try new things. Lack of money, lack of time, or lack of a good teacher are three big obstacles to your guitar learning progress. The other three big obstacles are all you. You may be your own worst enemy. How do you respond to a challenge? Challenges are your friends. If you find yourself getting frustrated, and not wanting to continue your practice, it might be time to downsize your goal, at least for a while. If you have two chords that you have trouble with, work on the first one alone for a while. Once you have improved a little, go to the next one.

Lesson Three – Daily Practice

As far as your daily practice goes look at starting with half an hour a day. If you can do more, great, you’ll become a guitarist faster. The way you carry out your practice is crucial. Putting in the time isn’t the only requirement. If you rush or try to fit too much in, then you’re working against yourself. Err on the side of too little material at first. If you really are accomplishing what you set out to do in less than thirty minutes, then add a little more.

 Lesson Four – Tuning Your Guitar

You can find online guitar tuners to help you get your acoustic guitar in tune. Take a day or two of your practice time to get the knack of tuning. When you start to develop an ear for tuning, try tuning the guitar without the tuner.

 Lesson Five – Holding Your Acoustic Guitar

Long hours of practice can take their toll. Learning how to sit and play your acoustic guitar is an art in itself. There are places on the internet that have illustrations showing you how to sit when you’re playing, but it would be good to find somebody with a little experience to show you. But don’t just go with the way one person plays. If he’s self-taught, then you don’t want to pick up his bad habits!


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Collecting Vintage Fender Guitars for Fun and Profit

by on May.09, 2011, under General

Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and Stevie Ray Vaughn, are 3 among many guitar legends who play or played a Fender Stratocaster guitar. Was it the Fender that made them legends or did these masters help to make the Stratocaster a legend? Possibly a bit of both. Regardles of which position you take, a lot guitarists, guitar collectors and investors would like to own a vintage Fender Stratocaster guitar.

Now, a new site offers the opportunity to purchase vintage Fender guitars online at costs considerably under retail. Vintage Fender Guitars at offers collectible classic Fender guitars for reduced costs that can make musicians, collectors and investors smile.

The site offers, Stratocasters, Telecasters, Jaguars, Mustangs, Precision Bass, Jazz Bass, Jazzmaster, and vintage Fender acoustics.

Over the past couple of years the vintage guitar marketplace has taken a hit here and there but overall has demonstrated to be a sound investment for most. The professionals say that once inflation accelerates and the dollar shrinks collectibles show to be a great place for the money.

The proper guitar might be worth a lot to a collector. Guitars that have been owned by celebrities, or which are scarce or unusual, can command very elevated prices indeed. If you’re nervous regarding getting a good return on your money, don’t be. Vintage guitars have persistently performed with far more stability in contrast to the stock market. There are a number of reasons that investing in classic guitars is an excellent strategy.

For one, they’re much more tangible compared to a stock or bond. They give you an beautiful piece to show, and are fun to collect, too. Guitars also don’t lose economic value over time. In fact, it’s just the opposite – vintage guitars consistently gain value as they get older, as long as you take the time to keep them in good condition. They’re also commonly excellent instruments. If you’re a musician and an investor, you’ll respect the outstanding action and tone of a real vintage instrument. Fender guitars are very well-liked vintage guitars with enthusiasts and investors.

There is a quite limited supply and there still looks to be a high desire for these items of the historical past which has proved to be a great choice for those who have invested in these instruments, such as the Fender Telecasters and Stratocaster’s from the era of the 50’s 60’s, and 70’s.

A great place to begin accumulating vintage guitars as an investment would definetely be to focus your research on getting guitars from the list below.  This list incorporates guitars which have been inducted into Vintage Guitar Magazine’s Hall of Fame. There are, of course, other lists and other guitars really worth buying and selling, but this is undoubtedly a excellent place to get going.  A great site to start your search for these admirable instrument are Vintage Fender Guitars at

Fender Stratocaster
Inducted in 1990
The VG Hall of Fame was started in 1990 and we had little question the Strat would be amongst the first instruments selected for inclusion by the readers. Three single-coils, a vibrato (usually), and that wonderful contoured, offset-double-cutaway body. Some 50 years after its introduction, it remains one of the most popular designs. A vintage Fender Stratocaster is a excellent addition to the collection of serious collectors.

Fender Telecaster
Inducted in 1991
Leo Fender’s timeless classic is about as uncomplicated as an electric guitar can be, but still has the magic to appeal to guitarists performing just about any style of music. Each guitar player has a Telecaster (or should). Together with the Strat and Les Paul, the Tele is among the most popular designs around. A vintage Fender Telecaster guitar would be a good inclusion to any collection.

Fender Precision Bass
Inducted in 1992
The first bass in the VG Hall, and why not, it solely forever revolutionized how the bass was played. One of the most groundbreaking ideas in state of the art music history.

Fender Jazz Bass
Inducted in 1995
With its two especially developed pickups, offset waist, and slimmer, narrower neck, the Jazz Bass was intended to be much more tonally diverse, slicker-playing descendant of the Precision. The reality is it was available in Fender custom hues (often with matching headstock)  tends to make it far more cool.

Fender Jazzmaster
Inducted in 2002
Designed and marketed by Leo to cut into Gibson’s jazz market, it supplanted the Strat at the top of Fender’s line in 1958. And though its sound kept it from catching on with jazzers, garage surf bands of the day ate it up. It is one of the most copied solidbody styles of all time.

Fender Jaguar
Inducted in 2006
Leaping on the speeding Fender bandwagon in 1962, it aided the company stay on top throughout the decade, with its showy new vibrato tailpiece, advanced electronic devices, and (generally) a funky custom color. If you performed instrumental rock and roll at the time, you either had one of these or you were most likely ignored!

This is some common assistance regarding which of the Fender guitars to consider collecting and/or investing in.

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Play Guitar With Jamorama

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Do you keep in mind that guy who utilized to bring his guitar to school and play for all of the girls at lunchtime? Everybody wanted to be his friend. With guitar lessons from Jamorama, you may be as well-known as that guy in completely no time. You do not need to be a rock star to appreciate playing a guitar, but it’s significantly far more fun in the event you play it well. Jamorama is a comprehensive guitar system that may teach you to play in a fun and effective way. You’ll come across you are anxious to get home and play another Jamorama lesson at the end of the day.

Have you ever picked up a piece of guitar music? It can look confusing in case you don’t understand it. Jamorama Guitar is designed to unravel the mystery of chord changes and tablature so that you don’t get bogged down within the details. Jamorama also teaches you to totally free your self from sheet music altogether. You can discover to play your favorite songs by ear making use of Jamorama techniques. If you are great at video games, Jamorama has personal computer software lessons that use those strengths to teach you to play better guitar. Jamorama isn’t a stuffy list of chords. Jamorama is created for players who desire to have something to show for their efforts before they’re too old to do anything with their new skills.

1 of probably the most crucial aspects of learning a musical instrument would be to spend time listening to people who play pretty well. Ben Edwards Jamorama gives you the chance to listen to fantastic professional guitar players and even play along with them. Jamorama includes tracks from fantastic guitarists that you may play along with. Your skills will improve significantly much more rapidly in case you play more, and Jamorama makes it fun to practice.

The creators of Jamorama Guitar Lessons are musicians, and they comprehend that music might be lonely whilst you discover to play. By means of the Jamorama guitar lessons you will work with virtual teachers and play along with guitar pros until you really feel like you are ready to take your music to the world.

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History Of The Bass Guitar

by on Apr.19, 2011, under Bass Guitar Talk, General

As far as instruments go, the bass guitar is one of the newest on the scene. It’s a completely original component of today’s bands and modern music and has not even been in existence for a century. Don’t let the name “bass guitar” fool you either, the bass guitar is not actually derived from the guitar.

While electric guitars were developed from acoustic guitars, bass guitars were developed from the double bass instrument. They were originally known (and are still sometimes called) electrical bass instruments or the electric bass.

The original double bass, or simply the bass, are the massive, classical instruments that have been around for several hundred years. They are played with the instrument resting on the ground, using a bow across the strings.

The bass guitar is of course held with a strap on a musician’s body and is played using one’s fingers. As opposed to the back and forth of the bow on its predecessor and the strumming with a pick of an electrical guitar, the bass guitar is typically played with either plucking or slapping movements of the fingers.

It is tuned to sound the same as an original bass with of course the added benefit of being able to be amplified. In the early part of the 20th century, as music was getting louder, the bass was being drowned out and was unable to be heard. And so the quest for an electrical bass began.

Leo Fender and the Creation of the Bass Guitar

Leo Fender was an amazing man, a visionary and is one of the single most influential people in modern music history. All of these things and many more is Leo Fender. However, one thing he is not is the inventor of the bass guitar.

In 1935, it was Paul Tutmarc who developed the first incarnation of the electric bass. It was to be played horizontally and held like a guitar and could be plugged in for amplification. However, his instrument never truly caught on. It was in 1951 that the bass began earning its spot in modern music.

Leo Fender created his Fender Precision Bass, which was mass produced and skyrocketed in popularity. Gibson followed shortly there after and the bass guitar became an important component of jazz ensembles and today, nearly all musical styles and bands.

Just as with the electric guitar, Leo Fender capitalized on previous inventions, tweaked them to his own specifications and mass produced them to extreme success. While he should be remembered fondly for his contributions, let’s not forget the original inventor of the electric bass, Paul Tutmarc.

Love guitars, especially vintage bass guitars? Then a visit to the Vintage Guitar Warehouse is a must. You can find great deals on guitars from Gibson, Fender and many more manufacturers. If you love music and vintage guitars, you’re going to love the Vintage Guitar Warehouse.

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How Guitar Video Lessons Can Help

by on Apr.09, 2011, under General

Guitar video lessons have rapidly become a very popular and accessible way for nearly anyone to start playing the guitar without needing a dedicated instructor. As increasing numbers of people are learning the guitar, and they don’t want to pay for expensive private tutors, they are turning to video guitar lessons, as a cheaper, and almost as effective, alternative.

What Are The Benefits of Using Guitar Video Lessons?

The right videos are going to provide a method of viewing your guitar playing that is different than anything you’ve ever done before. While playing at home on your own can be fun, you may not know what the scales, songs or chords you are playing are supposed to sound like or if you’re doing everything correctly. By watching guitar lesson videos, you are able to see and here the correct way of playing something, so you can be sure you’re not making any fundamental mistakes.

What Types of Guitar Lesson Videos Are There?

There are numerous different kinds of lessons available to you depending on what kind of guitar you are playing, how you want to practice, and what types of guitar playing you are dedicated to learning. For people who’ve never played the guitar before, videos teaching how to properly hold the guitar, and how to play simple chords, are most appropriate.

For intermediate players, there are videos teaching how to play scales and simple lead guitar techniques, for example. You might also want to watch videos teaching music theory, and how to read music notation, to take your overall musicianship even further.

For more advanced guitarists, there are videos that look more in depth at improvisation, and music theory, as well as cover advanced lead techniques, like legato, and tapping.

Using Guitar Video Lessons Effectively

In the end, the right guitar video lessons are going to be extremely effective in providing someone learning guitar with a friendly face and a skilled teacher who can show you how to play a note, chord, or song that might be giving you difficulty. It might not be as nice as having someone who can watch your fingers and provide feedback, but it is much better than going at it alone.

Regardless of the quality of videos you find, you’re going to have to practice regularly if you want to get good. You should practice every day, for at least twenty minutes, watching the videos carefully, and follwing along with they’re instructions. In order to get the best results from guitar video lessons, you need to pay close attention to what is being taught in them, and do exactly as the person in the video is telling you. If you can do this though, you can be sure that your guitar playing skills will increase dramatically.

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Considerations When You Buy An Acoustic Guitar

by on Apr.07, 2011, under General

If you’re in the market to buy an acoustic guitar, there are some important features you may want to consider before actually making your purchase. Acoustic guitars are unique in that you don’t need amplification in order to hear them. They have their own special way of producing sound and this sound is one of the more important features to consider when buying an acoustic guitar.

You’ll find numerous places on the internet to buy an acoustic guitar by the big names in the industry like Fender, Gibson, Martin, Yamaha, Takamine, Taylor and so many others. Each has their own special way of building acoustic guitars and each offers that special sound that they believe to be the best. However, you as the player will have to decide on the sound you are looking for. Because the internet does not offer the ability to actually hear the guitar in person, your best option is to visit your local music stores and sample the various brands to see which one works best for you. Keep in mind that even once you find a sound you like, it doesn’t guarantee that the exact model down the street will be the same. No two guitars ever sound alike even if they’re made by the same manufacturer.

When you buy an acoustic guitar you are making an investment in an instrument that you will more than likely have for years to come. It’s important that your choice is as close to perfect as you can get it. Some of the features you will want to explore while searching, in addition to the sound, is the wood used in the building process. Different types of wood produce different acoustic sounds and the one that appeals to you will be important. In fact you may find after some testing that even though the manufacturer is different, they used the same wood in the building process and as a result you’re having a hard time deciding between the two. Another feature that can affect the sound, is the finish used in the process. Different manufacturers use particular finishes and some models have nothing more than an oil finish. One other thing can have quite an impact on the sound of your new guitar and that is guitar strings. Heavier gauge strings tend to deliver a more mellow tone as opposed to light gauge strings which can accentuate the high frequencies. Also affecting the sound is the body size. Larger bodies offer a mellower sound and promote bottom end while a smaller body will have a sound that is thin. From here you can mix body size and string gauge to change the result to one closer to what you’re looking for.

Once you’ve settled on a sound you like, the most important asset when you buy an acoustic guitar is the comfort of the body and neck. You want a guitar that feels good both sitting and standing. Especially if you plan on performing for others. Acoustic guitars are not known for their comfort when it comes to the body as the whole reason they produce the sound that they do is because of body size. They are not like their electric cousin in that respect. Also, the neck is extremely important as the pressure you have to apply to the strings can be painful if the strings are too far from the fret board. If you have short fingers the thickness of the neck will also be a factor. The major manufacturers generally offer higher end acoustic guitars that take these requirements into consideration.

Once you have determined your favorite, more than likely the most economical price will be found at an online website. The internet offers you the opportunity to shop many online stores without leaving home. You can compare prices, brands, models and features all from your computer. If you’ve done your homework as suggested earlier you will probably already have one or two models in mind and comparing the online prices and features will be easy. Naturally the more you spend the better chances you have of getting a real quality guitar in all aspects. Typically if you spend between $600 and $800 you should be able to find a quality guitar. Many online stores offer excellent discounts as incentives to guitarists who buy an acoustic guitar online as opposed to going to a local store.

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