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Fender Stratocaster – Some Highlights

by on Nov.30, 2012, under Guitar Talk

fender stratocaster guitarThe Fender Stratocaster is the icon of rock music and known by almost every musician on the planet. It is an elegant instrument that has an expensive appearance. Most models have glossed necks, satin backs, and offer smooth action. Their steel saddles create a classic look and really help develop the overall tone of the instrument.

The string spacing on the Fender Stratocaster is a bit more narrowed than other guitars and this really helps the guitarist reach their musical limits. There are saddle screws that are there to take away from the rough feel that some models have and are even enlarged to help reduce string friction. And as you will see in this article, the Fender Stratocaster is an exceptional guitar and should definitely be considered by any serious guitarist.

Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster

The Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster is for guitarists who want more from their instruments. It has a compound radius fret board that really makes it effortless to press down on the strings. And this holds true for anywhere on the neck and all the way up to the body. It also has a noiseless pickup that really supercharges the overall sound and makes it something that people really want to hear.

As we all know, playing guitar is all about having options. The more options you have, the more diverse and the more unique your tone will be. There is something called a “Passing Lane” switch that is located on this Fender Stratocaster and it is designed to dramatically increase the volume at an instant. Here are some additional features for this guitar:

”    Locking tuners
”    LSR roller nut
”    Tremolo bridge
”    Neck heel

Depending on where you purchase this Fender Stratocaster you may receive a strap lock, cable, amp, and gig bag.

Fender N3 Noiseless Pickups

If you are going to own a Fender Stratocaster, then you may want to invest in some noiseless pickups. What are they? Basically, they are used to add more quality to overall tone, even if you have a single-coiled instrument. Using a noiseless pickup can be used on almost any model and have insulated metal cores that vary in thickness. Each one enhances tone in a different way and adds a different element to the instrument.

How Much Should You Spend?

This is an important question as you’ll always want to know how much money you should be spending on a Fender Stratocaster. Basically, don’t spend more than you can or more than you have to. It helps if you do research on the models that you want. Stratocasters can cost as little as a few hundred dollars and as much as a few thousand dollars. The best ones can cost more than 10 thousand.


If you are shopping for a Fender Stratocaster then you’ll have an instrument that can really develop your skills. They are easy to play and are classy enough to be used in almost any genre that you may want to play.

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Fender Precision Bass

by on Nov.07, 2012, under Bass Guitar Talk

Fender Precision Bass GuitarPrecision bass guitars are designed for individuals who want dynamic tones that they can control. Fender produces precision basses that are affordable and that visually stun all who see them. Each Fender precision bass guitar in this article is unique and each one should have a long life expectancy in your musical career.

Steven Harris Precision Bass

For more than 30 years, this Fender precision bass has become very influential for many bassists all around the world. Steve Harris, is a renowned musician who is responsible for the creation of this bass guitar.

It has a metallic finish, alder body, and a chromed pick guard that really adds flair to the bass. There are twenty frets that are slightly larger than regular sized ones and the head stock is all black. If purchased from a reputable dealer, a gig bag comes with this Steve Harris Fender precision bass guitar.

Tony Franklin Fretless Precision Bass

There are very few well known rock bassists around the world who are more popular than Tony Franklin. Not only did he help produce a fine instrument, he is an icon and an idol for bassists all around the globe. The Fretless Precision Bass will help you take your skills to the next level. It has an alder body, C-shaped neck, and has a fingerboard that is ebony in color and has dots in certain position markers.

Other features include a vintage tuner, three-way pick guard, and active controls that allow you to control various tones inside of the instrument. Needless to say, this Fender precision bass guitar is extremely versatile. And it should make you feel very comfortable knowing that you are buying from a reputable brand.

Duff McKagan Precision Bass

This bass guitar has been featured in bands including Jane’s Addiction, Guns N’ Roses, and even Velvet Revolver. Basically, the Duff MacKagan bass could be considered the epitome of the rock ‘n’ roll bass guitar. It is based on an ’80’s era Jazz Bass Special model. The major difference: a sleeker and sexier design that helps attracts attention and builds visual appeal. It has a black neck, pearl white finish, and a neck plate that is skull-engraved.

Mike Dirnt Precision Bass

This Fender precision bass guitar was designed for the bass player who really wants a unique and cool guitar that they have full control over. It has been featured with various bands including Green Day and many others. It was molded after the 1951 Precision and has a solid body with ash color. The C-shaped maple neck is relatively thick and offers a bridge that is fully equipped with tons of chrome.

American Deluxe Precision Bass

This is a new and innovative Fender precision bass that is newly designed with a preamp circuit that offers a passive tone. This bass guitar is powerful and yet, very subtle with its overall tone.

The EQ controls are very customizable and you can really become involved with your tone and overall sound. If you are looking for a Fender precision bass guitar, the ones above are a starting point- check out the companies for more listings and more models.

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Fender Jazz Bass Exploring Famous Models

by on Oct.21, 2012, under Bass Guitar Talk, General

Fender Jazz Bass American DeluxeBassists are extremely attracted to Fender in order to satisfy their bass needs. A Fender jazz bass will be well-built, sound great, and be very affordable. Let’s take a look at some of the jazz bass guitars that are available from Fender.

Marcus Miller Jazz Bass

The Marcus Miller Fender Jazz Bass is probably one of the best choices for the jazz bassists all around the world. They are soulful and their sound is outstanding. This model has an ash body, black control plate, dark pick-guard, and a C-shaped neck that is made of maple. The 7-inch fingerboard features bindings that are white and contains pearl inlays with a satin finish.

In terms of tone, the Miller Jazz Bass has single-coil pickups and EQ controls that are fully customizable via a toggle switch. If you enjoy seeing chrome on your bass guitar then this would be the ideal instrument for you. It offers volume knobs and a neck pickup that is made up of chrome. A deluxe bag is often included with this bass guitar.

Reggie Hamilton Standard Jazz Bass

This Fender jazz bass guitar was designed for R&B bassist’s who appreciate a soothing tone and amazing comfort while playing. It has a rosewood fingerboard, 20-frets, and an open-gear tuner to help you produce the best sound possible. If you are looking for the perfect combination of style and sound, you’ll be hard-pressed not to invest in the Reggie Hamilton Standard Jazz Bass.

American Vintage ’62 Jazz Bass

This Fender jazz bass guitar was first introduced in 1960. In terms of popularity, it tips the scale and is well known all around the world. While the original models were heavy and bulky, the newer ones offer a faster neck and an ultra-slim body that offers superior comfort. It has dual coil pickups and is often regarded as the “true jazz bass”. Like many of Fender’s jazz bass guitars, this one comes stocked with a good deal of chrome.

American Deluxe Jazz Bass

This Fender jazz bass guitar is great for modern bassists and has a sleek design that most players should be familiar with if they play on a regular basis. It has a preamp circuit that is newly designed and that offers a very passive tone. Basically, this instrument is powerful yet, not very noisy. It also contains a great deal of other levers and switches that control volume, tone, and a variety of other EQ functions. The American Deluxe Jazz Bass guitar can be quite pricey but it is definitely worth the investment.

Geddy Lee Jazz Bass

The tonality, look, and feel of this Fender jazz bass guitar is often referred to be quite similar to that of Rush’s bassist. This automatically provides a great deal of professionalism to the instrument and should guarantee a solid sound to some degree.

It has an alder body, C-shaped maple neck, and black bindings. There is a single-coil pickup that really bustles with energy and the chrome work is absolutely amazing. If you want versatility at an affordable price, this Fender jazz bass guitar would be a solid choice.

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Classical Guitar Basics

by on Oct.04, 2012, under General, Guitar Talk

classical guitarClassical guitars are typically 6-stringed are very popular among nylon string guitarists around the world. They are known for their complex melodic tones and provide a sound that you cannot find in most other guitars. The strings on this instrument are typically plucked with finger nails and almost never require a pick.

Classical guitars like to borrow certain traits from a variety of instruments and are ideal for mellow and soothing sounds. Their strings are nylon and you can choose from shapes that include:

–    Modern
–    Classical
–    Historical-Classical

Early romantic guitars were from classical origins and even the flamenco guitar was derived from this unique family.

What Kind of Sound Does it Produce?

If you see a classical guitar sale, you should do a little research on it before committing to a purchase. There are several genres of music that you can perform on this instrument – jazz, flamenco, and folk being the most common. However, this doesn’t mean that a wider array of genres can’t be played with classical model guitars.

A modern classical guitar will usually stick out and distinguish itself from other guitars of similar nature. More specifically, they will have six strings and are quite common with the characteristics of the guitars that were produced between 1790 and 1880. They are known as the “Spanish guitar” in most countries.

Classical Guitar Anatomy

Classical guitars separate themselves from the pack via a variety of unique traits:

–    It’s an acoustic instrument. You don’t need an amplifier and you can receive a deep, rich tone from the guitar with little effort.
–    It has six strings. However, don’t be surprised if you find a classical guitar that has seven or more strings.
–    The strings are made of nylon.

Most acoustic guitars have strings that are made of metal. This often produces a less than pleasing sound. Nylon is often the best route to take if you’re searching for a soothing tone.

Because the strings are tightened to such a loose tension, you receive a sound that is entirely different than regular acoustic guitars. Finger boards for this instrument are fairly flat and have, in some cases, dots that sit along the entire neck and up to the body. The strings are plucked with your fingers and a pick is almost never used.


Unlike regular guitars, strumming is almost never a technique used on the classical guitar. While some strumming patterns are available, they are not very common as this is primarily a picking instrument. The headstocks on the classical guitars are pointed backwards versus steel-string instruments that have them pointing out.


The overall design of the classical guitar is very comfortable. These instruments are light and are relatively small. You shouldn’t run into any problems if you need to transport them and many of the classical guitar packages found at classical guitar sales come with a hand bag as well as other accessories. If you see a classical guitar sale, refer to this article so that you know what you are buying.

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Buying an Electric Guitar

by on Sep.25, 2012, under General, Guitar Talk

buying an electric guitarWhether you want to be the next Jimi Hendrix or simply want a new hobby, learning the electric guitar can be a lot of fun.  However, there is a lot to consider before buying an electric guitar. This article will be your guide and help you learn about what to expect when purchasing your next instrument.

Body Style

Every electric guitar has a distinct style and so do you. Make sure that you choose something that suits who you are as a musician. There are three kinds of bodies you could consider:

Solid Body – These are the most common bodies for electric guitars. They come in a variety of styles and don’t have any acoustic restrictions.

Semi Hollow – The semi-hollow body electric guitars tend to have darker, rounder sounds. Their centers are wooden and they have large chambers in them that helps minimize feedback. Some guitarists prefer them over solid body models.

Hollow Body – Buying an electric guitar that has a hollow body is perfect for guitarists who specialize in jazz. Hollow body models can be played with or without amplifiers so they are a bit more versatile than solid or semi hollow bodies.


Almost every electric guitar you encounter will have 22 frets. But this can be a problem if you would like to play in higher octaves. This is where buying an electric guitar with 24 frets will be an ideal solution. It will help make your sound more diverse and versatile.


Many electric guitars will come with an amp. But you need to consider that there are different amps and some do sound a lot better than others.  Plus, you need to consider what kind of audience you’ll be playing for. For example, you’ll want a larger amp if you’re playing for a crowd and a smaller amp if this is going to be a hobby.


Believe it or not, you should do some research on necks before buying an electric guitar. You need to make sure that your electric guitar’s neck is rigid, tight, and sturdy. Electrics tend to have bolt-on necks and these are usually easily repairable. However, some can come with C-shaped, thin, or even wide necks so it’s important that you do research on the guitar that you would like to buy.


For electric guitars, the stop-tail and the tremolo are the two main types of bridges that you can find on an electric guitar. Also known as a whammy bar, these tremolo bridges help you bend all of the strings on your guitar at once. This is something you should look for when buying an electric guitar. While they aren’t required, they are definitely recommended if you’re going to become a serious guitarist.

Cost and Quality

Finally, you should consider the quality and the cost of your electric guitar before purchasing it. Just because a guitar is affordable doesn’t mean that it is high-quality and just because it appears to be high-quality doesn’t mean that you should pay top dollar for it. Buying an electric guitar requires a great deal of research and this article should help make the process more seamless.

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Why Buy Fender Guitars?

by on Sep.13, 2012, under Bass Guitar Talk, General, Guitar Talk

fender stratocasterFenders are choice guitars and are ideal for all kinds of guitarists. You should acquire Fender guitars if you are attracted to meaty, full tones and dynamic visuals. Fender guitars can help you feel like a rock success and a good number of them are very reasonably priced.  Let’s take a look at a few of the more trendy ones.

Fender Telecaster

This is the first guitar that started the Fender march into musical history. Even as it initially became presented to society in the early 1950’s, the Telecaster has a astonishingly simple shape that captivates and intrigues all those who set eyes upon it. When folks purchase Fender guitars, the Telecaster is the trademark for solid rock tones and juicy jazz licks.

Many of the industries premier guitarists including Jeff Beck, Roy Buchanan, James Burton, Vince Gill and Albert Lee have all made use of this marvelous instrument. This testimony alone suggests that you would be investing in a authoritative guitar that would last you a long period of time and help you sound like a professional.

Fender Stratocaster

This guitar was originally introduced way back in 1954 and has been the symbol of progressive music ever since. From rock n roll to blues, the Fender Stratocaster is the center of every musical class that you can think of. It offers a reportedly inexhaustible number of rich tones that are brought in sync by single coil pick-ups and a streamlined, sexy body.

Important guitarists who have made use of this impressive instrument feature Jimi Hendrix, John Frusciante, Yngwie Malsteen, Eric Clapton, Dick Dale, and Mark Knopfler. Although this guitar has been proven to be somewhat high-priced, there are models that are a bit more within your means.

Alternative Fender Electric Guitars

Now for the reason that you don’t want to invest in a Telecaster or Stratocaster, doesn’t imply that Fender doesn’t have anything to offer you. If you’re going to buy Fender guitars, make sure that you check out a few more of their models. More specifically, the Mustang, Jaguar, and Jazz Master are Fender electric guitars that have attracted a lot of awareness in recent years.

These guitars were introduced all the way through the ’50s and ’60s and have helped rock n roll guitarists and similarly jazz players. A large amount of them managed to dominate in the ’90s and continue to be popular nowadays.

Fender Acoustic Guitars

If you want to plunk a Fender guitar around home or even the campfire, then you should take a look at their acoustic stock. Nearly all of the Fender acoustic guitars look and sound magnificent and are presented at supreme prices. Nearly all of them have rather traditional designs and come in an array of colors- guaranteeing that you’ll in time uncover something that suits your visual desires.

Fender Bass Guitars

When Fender produced their earliest precision bass guitar back in 1951, they never dreamed that their models would survive to continue strong nowadays. Bassists have fallen in love with Fender bass guitars and it is very easy to see why- they have a faster neck than the majority bass guitars and their double pick-up makes them exceptionally multifaceted. If you are going to buy Fender guitars, utilize this editorial as a reference and

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Multi String Bass Guitars

by on Sep.03, 2012, under Bass Guitar Talk, General

Hello Everyone, we’ve added some multi-string bass guitars to our site so for those of you looking to up your playing level, you can browse some new models.  There are some excellent guitar makers out there that specialize in these bass guitars such as Music Man, Schecter Guitar Research, Ibanez, MTD, ESP and Fender.  These makers have bass models with 6 plus strings so be sure and check them out.

Also, don’t forget our 5 string bass models if you’re wanting to just make that one step up from your 4 string.  It can really make a difference in your creativity, not to mention song writing capabilities.

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Why Buy A Gibson Guitar

by on Aug.27, 2012, under Guitar Talk

3 Good Reasons To Buy A Gibson Guitar

You are practically never making the improper choice when you resolve to acquire a Gibson guitar. Although they are chiefly recognized for Les Paul guitars, Gibson has built an entire array of quality instruments and has done so for over 75 years. Their attitude and advancement has been cherished by many of the best guitarists in the world and they haven’t stopped thus far. Herein are some great breakthroughs they’ve made throughout guitar history:

–    1981- ES-335
–    1982- Les Paul
–    1994- Nighthawk Model

Greats like B.B. King and Chet Atkins regularly used Gibson guitars all through their performances as they proved to be very effective over and over again. Let’s have a look at why you should pay money for a Gibson guitar and it will practically never be a poor choice.

Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar

In case you don’t know, Les Paul’s are amongst the best quality electric guitars you can procure. They are streamlined in layout and present a sound that you cannot come across in a good number of instruments. The Les Paul Studio was designed for studio musicians who were interested in producing their individual distinct sound. Compared to a good number of Les Paul models, the Studio is quite easy on the cost and should prove to be a nice investment for any serious guitar player.

Gibson SG Standard Electric Guitar

If you want to get a Gibson guitar, then you shouldn’t do so previous to taking a look at the Gibson SG Standard electric guitar. This guitar comes in a Cherry color and was first introduced way back in 1961. These days, it happens to be one of Gibson’s top sellers. It has beveled edges, pointed horns, and well-defined cutaways. It is one of the rare electric guitars on the market that greatly stands out in terms of visual appeal.

Gibson Midtown Custom Electric Guitar

When folks want to acquire a Gibson guitar, the Gibson Midtown is one more dependable option. It offers a design that has been vastly popular throughout times past and this electric guitar continues to be a best seller. A lot of folks consider it the ideal cross between the Les Paul and several other models. It has a mahogany body and the bulk is tactically displaced throughout the instrument to assure optimal sound quality.

If you’ve ever seen the Gibson ES-335 then you can almost certainly perceive how strongly it resembles the Midtown. The only difference is that the Midtown focuses more on comfort but nevertheless doesn’t compromise on the sound. The fingerboard is to some extent larger than other models and this helps pinpoint notes and play patterns. You can benefit from this guitar for pleasure or you can employ it for music creation. This is why the ES-335 is such a trustworthy pick.

Wrapping up

If you want to buy a Gibson guitar then make sure to do some homework. The ones listed in this editorial are amongst the most prestigious from Gibson but there are expressly an entirely other realm of guitars that you should look into. Make sure that you pick out one that you’ll be keen on.

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How To Find The Best Guitar To Learn On

by on Aug.10, 2012, under General, Guitar Talk

How To Choose The Best Guitar To Learn On


When it comes to finding the best guitar to learn on, you should really look into and consider a few factors.  Playing the guitar is an art and notes should be carefully crafted using an instrument that emphasizes your strong points. Let’s take a look at some key points to consider when deciding on the best guitar to learn on.



Acoustic guitarAs a general rule of thumb, choose the highest quality guitar that you can while still staying within your budget. If you are a beginner, you may be leaning towards the option of spending as little as possible. While this wouldn’t be a bad choice, you shouldn’t feel afraid of spending your money on good quality guitars.  Especially if you’re in it for the long haul.

Poorly constructed guitars are hard to learn on and can make the process much harder than it has to be. The guitar you choose to learn on should be easy to play and allow the guitarist to fully grasp and understand the instrument. Fender, Ibanez, and Yamaha have all been known to produce high quality instruments for beginners and they are budget friendly.

Acoustic vs. Electric


When it comes to choosing the best guitar to learn on, the next major question is, should I purchase an acoustic or electric? In general, most beginners start on the acoustic guitar and work their way up to electric ones. This isn’t a rule but it definitely helps in terms of transitioning – since acoustic guitars are harder to play. And since they don’t have an amplifier, every note that you play needs to be pressed down and strummed harder than an electric.  This can be excellent in preparing your fingers and building up calluses on your fingertips.

Some top acoustics range between $100 and $500 and beginners would feel completely comfortable with them.  Many of the acoustic guitar value packages come with:

  • Guitar
  • Tuner
  • Holding  Case
  • Learning Manuel
  • Strap

Electric guitars are much easier to play so they would be widely recognized as the best guitar to learn on.  You don’t need a lot of Electric guitar value packageexperience to sound like a pro on an electric guitar. Fender and Ibanez produce amazing electric guitars and their value packages come with a holding bag, strap, tuner, picks, and an amplifier. Amplifiers are used to help increase the magnitude of the guitars sound through a large speaker.  And since the strings are so easy to press down on an electric, your fingers shouldn’t have any problems in terms of being sore.

Other Considerations


The best guitar for learning heavily depends on your style. If your style happens to be folk music then you’ll probably want to stay away from electric guitars. Likewise, if you are thinking about starting a band or playing crazy solos, then an acoustic guitar wouldn’t be ideal for making this happen.

Understand that the concept behind the best guitar to learn on is completely subjective. If playing guitar is only a hobby then invest in a nice acoustic guitar. They are perfect for social gatherings, and since you don’t need electricity, they can be played almost anywhere. So choose wisely and choose something that you can afford.

About The Author

Vinney Vincent is an avid guitar enthusiast and writer of related materials.  To learn more about how to choose a guitar as well as tips to improving your technique, please visit =>

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Bass Guitar Prices

by on Jul.23, 2012, under General, Guitar Talk

Purchasing a musical instrument can be a substantial monetary investment- in particular if you are just starting out. In this article, we are going to help you secure an idea of the typical bass guitar prices and finally help you choose one that suits your finances and playing technique.

Setting a Value Limit

New bass guitars can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. It is recommended that you deviate away from the latter if you are a newbie. Make sure that you get familiarized with this instrument before throwing any more money at it. Most bass guitar prices for a beginner will sit somewhere about $300. Also observe that assorted brands and models will fluctuate in pricing as well.

Shopping Around

After you have predetermined your financial plan, it is time to shop around for your new bass guitar. You should set out at regional specialty stores similar to Wal-Mart and Target as they have available instruments that are much less costly than if you were to procure them from a neighborhood music outlet.  If it fits in your budget then you can obtain your bass guitar online, directly from the manufacturer itself. The bass guitar prices here will be more pricey, but you will have a much superior instrument on your hands.

Evaluate Before You Buy

One explanation why it isn’t recommended that you obtain your primary bass guitar online is for the reason that you won’t have any method to screen it. Similarly highly seasoned bassists like testing their equipment before making any conclusive purchases.  Investigate how it sounds and judge whether or not you could perceive yourself playing it for a lengthy time. If it has a return policy then you can shop online. This way you can return it and obtain a new one if the former bass guitar doesn’t fulfill your wishes.

Bring an Seasoned Bassist

When shopping about for bass guitar prices, bring someone who is more aware than you are. If you are a veteran then you don’t need to worry about this. Then again, for the newbies, having a more seasoned performer available will allow you to gain a second opinion on what you are buying. They can similarly try it out for you to settle on whether or not it is a great purchase.

Secondhand vs. New Bass Guitars

In general, more knowledgeable players should stick to newer guitars and less qualified players should stick to secondhand guitars. If you are only starting out, a secondhand guitar is a grand and low-priced platform for learning.  After you become more talented and have the finances, you can look into getting more sophisticated gear. These are simply guidelines, and if you have the funds to obtain a new bass guitar then by all means, go ahead and do it.


Bass guitar prices will differ from retailer to retailer. If one location doesn’t have any guitars that suit your wishes then move on to the second one. Sooner or later you will stumble on one that fits in your financial plan and playing style.

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