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Classical Guitar Strings – What’s Unique About Them?

by on Feb.16, 2012, under General

One of the most important differences between the classical guitar and other models of guitar are the classical guitar strings. These strings are made of nylon, which accounts for several differences both in tone and in design of the instrument.

  • The lighter nylon design means that there is a more resonating sound. This allows the guitar to have a polyphonic effect; in other words, several notes can be sounded at once through the right plucking technique. This is what makes the guitar popular in classical music, as the effect gives it more range than steel strings. With this effect, there is not much need to strum, and classical guitar strumming patterns are always discernible when used.
  • Because nylon strings put less tension on the neck, there is less need for bracing. Therefore, the necks of classical guitars are made entirely of wood instead of incorporating a metal truss rod (in most cases).
  • The machine heads of the classical guitar are also designed with the tone and the construction of the strings in mind. They are perpendicular to the fretboard.

It is important to note that nylon strings are not nearly as hardy as those made of steel. They are therefore likely to break more easily and advanced players will find that they are changing strings quite often, some up to once a day. Price is a definite consideration when classical guitar strings are concerned, and if you do not believe in using your fingers instead of a pick you will soon find out why it is not recommended.


Over the past half century or so, the construction of classical guitar strings has undergone three different changes within popular usage. Generally, the treble strings of classical guitars are composed solely of nylon, while the bass strings consist of nylon wrapped around a steel string.

  • Gut Strings These were the only type of strings used on guitars (and almost everything else that needed strings!) until just before the middle of the 20th century. Gut strings were usually made from pigs or oxen. These strings could be difficult to secure and to make, so
  • Nylon Strings were invented out of necessity in the 1940s. A player named Augustine found that the restrictions of World War II meant that he could not find classical guitar strings made from gut. He instead strung his instrument with nylon found at a surplus store, and liked the effect. He tried the innovation out in a blind test for a string producing company, and thus the treble nylon strings were found.
  • Composite Materials Recently, classical guitar strings are also being made of composite materials such as carbon fluorid. Some players suggest that this offers a more reliable transition tone, as well as being of better durability than nylon.

Despite the differences in string material and design, many guitar accessories used for electric and acoustics will work for the classical guitar. Included in this category are some of the most useful innovations when it comes to changing classical guitar strings.

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Basics Of Guitar Chords

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Open Chords As Opposed To Bar Chords

The two major forms of chords for guitar are open chords and bar chords.  Open chords offer a sweeter sound and tend to have a ring to them.  This form is used more in popular, folk and country music where a softer more acoustic sound is desired.

In sharp contrast, bar chords or as some may call them, ‘power chords’ are exactly the opposite.  These are more of an aggressive style chord used extensively in rock and heavy metal music where a harder sound is what the player is looking for.  We’ll show you examples of both these types in our free guitar chords offered in this section.

Major, Minor, Diminished And Augmented, 7th, 6th, more….

That’s right.  There are more.  There may only be a limited number of actual guitar chords but there are literally thousands of ways of playing those chords.  Don’t let us scare you though.  Even the most prolific guitar players use only what is most comfortable to them and serves their purpose at the time of presentation.  In the following pages, we’re going to keep things fairly simple by studying a couple of versions of major, minor and minor 7th basic guitar chords.  These are illustrated in our free guitar chords chart.

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Choosing Acoustic Guitar Accessories

by on Dec.19, 2011, under General, Guitar Talk

Deciding to take up the acoustic guitar means that there will be more investments than just your first guitar purchase. Even casual players will find that they have certain types of accessories that they need on a regular basis in order to enhance their playing abilities. These acoustic guitar accessories can be divided up into a few different categories; for this article, we are using performance and maintenance categories. Performance items, of course, are for people who play or plan to play up in front of people, whether at a coffee shop or on a bigger stage. Maintenance accessories are the things that any guitar player will find they need from time to time in order to keep their instrument performing at the highest level.


When you are performing, you want to sound your best. The first step is choosing a good brand of guitar known for its sound audio qualities, such as those made by Yamaha or Washburn.

The type of guitar you use for performance will depend on the place in which you play. Smaller areas will not require any systems of sound broadcast, as the music will resonate throughout the space. For larger areas, though, or if you will be playing while leading singing or while accompanied by a band, you will want to be sure that you choose a good style from the many varieties of acoustic guitar pickups. Many guitars are sold with pickups already installed, but it is possible to buy an acoustic guitar pickup separately and have it put in, or to buy one that does not need installation and can be slipped into the sound hole. Both types of acoustic guitar pickups work well with all acoustic guitar amps.

Make sure, as well, that when you are performing you have an extra set of acoustic guitar strings with you. If your strings have just been changed, you should have no problem on a set. However, if it has been a couple of weeks and you have been playing steadily, the chances are good that you will break a string. You don’t want to be caught without backup!


All guitar players need to make sure that they protect the investment they made with the purchase of an acoustic guitar. Proper storage is one of the key steps in making sure that your Yamaha or other type of acoustic guitar stays healthy. Select a good case to keep your guitar in during transport; there are both soft and hard acoustic guitar cases, and the harder the case, the safer your instrument is. Hard shell acoustic guitar cases also provide more reliable protection in household storage.

You might also want to leave your acoustic guitar out. This is a good option for people who play their guitars several times a day. In this case, acoustic guitar stands are ideal. The best acoustic guitar stands are those that allow the guitar to remain upright, hanging by the neck just where it meets the headstock.

Acoustic guitars require a little bit more in the way of maintenance than electric guitars, speaking generally. The open box which contributes to the sound of acoustic guitars, as well as their construction, are the reasons for this.

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Learn To Play Guitar Video

by on Dec.01, 2011, under General, Guitar Talk

It doesn’t matter if you’re wanting to become the next famous guitar player or you just want to be able to entertain your family and friends around the campfire, there are many sources available to you. A “learn to play guitar video” is probably one of the best places to start.  The reason for this is you can actually see the steps necessary as opposed to reading a book which can sometimes be confusing if you are in the beginner stages of learning the guitar.  Just like any instrument, the guitar requires a great deal of patience and practice unless you are one of the few gifted guitar players.  And even the gifted players do a certain amount of practicing to get there chops to where they like them.

A learn to play guitar video takes the guess work out of many of the aspects of learning by showing you exactly where to place your fingers.  It can also show you techniques rather than try to explain them on paper.  Another important aspect of a learn to play guitar video is that you can actually here the sounds and compare them to the sounds that you are making. This shows you if you’re playing it correctly or not. Its like having a guitar instructor right there in the same room with you.  However, it takes discipline on your part to follow through with suggestions that are made on the video and for some this can be trying.  Noone is going to check your progress the next time you sit down to a lesson.  It requires you to be responsible enough to follow through on your own.  You know what they say ‘no pain, no gain’!  And we all know that sometimes practice can be painful. (ouch on those fingertips)

For younger people, one on one lessons can be an important ingredient to learning to play the guitar but once they have a few of the basics under their belt and have proven their interest and dedication to guitar, they will enthusiastically learn.  Players who have a passion for the guitar don’t consider it work at all but pure pleasure.  I remember as a kid, that I couldn’t wait to get home to my guitar so I could start making music. You didn’t have to nag me to do it.  In fact more times than not, I had to be told to put my guitar down and do my homework.

Today with the internet there are numerous resources to find a  learn to play guitar video online and from your home computer.  Searching via google or yahoo can probably find you what you’re looking for but even better if you know a friend who has what you’re looking for and is happy with his or her results, ask them if they would mind sharing the source with you.  You could even get together and learn as a group.  Its always more fun to share your knowledge and licks with someone who has the same thirst for music as you do.  Learning to play the guitar to a very high level can take years but the satisfaction you gain from finally playing a song from beginning to end is indescribable.

The most valuable advice I could give someone learning to play the guitar is to be patient, find some type of course or dvd (there are many online) so you avoid making long-term mistakes, and learn a new song every now and then.  This is important as it keeps your interest level up and you don’t get bored with the same old song time and again.

A learn to play guitar video will implement a structured lesson plan, and keep you honest in your practice time and habits.  Good practice habits are absolutely essential in learning the guitar properly.

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Components That Make Up an Electric Guitar

by on Nov.17, 2011, under General, Guitar Talk

By Jamie G Stevens

Neck of the Guitar

First we have the guitar neck. In some guitars this can be one complete piece of timber (e.g. Fender Telecaster) where in others the neck comes with an inlay for the frets. This will often come in a different timber to the neck of the guitar itself. The most common varieties used include Maple, Ebony and Rosewood. Inside of the neck is the Truss Rod, these come in single or double variants and are used to adjust the straightness of your guitar neck to assist against bowing and on some occasions warping. The Truss Rod is generally adjusted using a key or screwdriver at the headstock of your instrument. After that we have the head stock itself which happens to be where you will add the tuning gear (machine heads as well as tuning pegs). Some guitars will also have string guides to keep the guitar strings constantly in place. Finally we have the nut which is found at the top of the neck and contains openings for the guitar strings to sit in. These are typically made from bone and sometimes ivory.

The Body

The guitar body itself is uncomplicated and it is characteristically a robust piece of wood (or pieces glued together) routed to fit the different guitar components. The guitar neck either screws directly on the body or is fixed depending upon the guitar you have selected. Neck through models are usually fixed however run the size of your guitar.


The guitar bridge sits right behind the rear pickup which the strings are connected to. The bridge is often hung behind the guitar body. Usually the steadiness is achieved by springs running counter towards the guitar string ends. Bridges can be categorised within either Tremelo or non Tremelo variations.

The Hardware

This is where the bulk of your sound is developed of course. If you decide to personalize this is probably where you would begin as most inexpensive guitars only provide basic pickups. Pickups are available in many kinds yet to give just a basic introduction can be purchased as both one coil or Humbucker. Individual coil is better recognized for clean bluesy sounds whereas Humbuckers are generally used for rock as well as more heavy music. There are also loaded Active Pickups as well as Humbucker pickups and the list goes on. Next we have selector switches to choose the pickup currently in use. After that we have Sound level as well as Tone Potentiometers (also known as pots) another part you could consider customizing to gain better control. Lastly you have the input port to plug the lead into the guitar. Place it all together and you will have your normal guitar.

I hope you enjoyed this article. For some practical articles and resources to help you make your own guitar using a Guitar Kit please visit us at the home for Guitar Kits

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How to Play Guitar: The Beginner’s Primer

by on Jul.05, 2011, under General

The Beginner’s Primer

Howdy, future guitarists. This is a newbie guitar primer – the first in our series of lessons for that beginner. Now probably the most difficult part about guitar lessons when finding began is not a technical concern, however the fact that you might be not going to get an astoundingly good guitarist such as the pros right away. My first tip is accepting that you are a novice and adhere to each and every lesson when you advance with patience and eagerness to find out.

As a way to find out guitar you’ll need information of tips on how to maintain the guitar and know what the parts are. That is what this guitar lesson will concentrate on – guitar fundamentals and the elements on the guitar.

So, you might have the 2 most important sections of the guitar – the body and neck. The neck will be the extension on the guitar that sticks out from the body also having the headstock and tuning pegs on top linked from the nut, along with frets and fret markers along the neck. Within this guitar lesson there’s no must be concerned about guitar tuning as which is for any later lesson.

The body may be the heavier piece that holds the strings in location and gives your guitar sound as your guitar is played. Depending on your guitar, you can have a spherical hollow body usually observed on acoustic guitars, whilst electric guitars typically have large sound bodies. Regardless of dimension and shape, the physique in the guitar has 3 critical parts. The pickup will be the implies of amplification on the sound of the guitar in electrical guitars, even though in acoustic guitars amplification is achieved through the sound hole and sound box.

Also, you will locate the bridge as well as the tail piece, which function to anchor the strings to the body of your guitar. The bridge connects the strings and also the tail piece is what actually locks down the stings. We will discuss strings and how to change and tune them in another guitar lesson.

As for holding the guitar, it really is important to note if you’re correct or left handed. The expert which you obtain or lease your guitar from should lead you inside the suitable path. This one suggestion might be the turning stage when you would like to learn guitar correctly, mainly because the motor abilities that you have in one hand might be higher.

Generally your dominate hand is going to be used as your selecting or strumming hand. I find for many beginner guitar lessons it helps the pupil to place the guitar by itself in between the navel along with the hip. Anything below the pelvic bone or nearer to the chest is ordinarily too awkward. And last but not least, you’ll require a strap; modify it till it feels natural.

Congratulations, which is your initial lesson. I’m positive you are eager to proceed on inside your research. Thank you for staying with us and rock on. For far more fantastic info and resources on the best Clickbank products like learn to play guitar and guitar tabs for beginners visit our website nowadays.

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How to Make Hip Hop Beats – ten Easy Actions

by on Jul.04, 2011, under General

how to make hip hop beats – 10 Simple Steps

When you’re just starting out how you can make beats it could be enjoyable and frustrating in the very same time. Believe in me I used to be there. However it really is simpler then you certainly feel. If you are creating a defeat right here are 10 tips that can get yo stated.

one. Pick a style- Know the model of beat you would like to make before you commence making it. Like rnb,rap,pop, and so on. There have already been plenty of beats that I made and could not determine what fashion it had been.

2. Choose A Significant Artist- Feel of the known artist that you’d desire to make the beat for. Like should you chose a type a rap, feel now what rap artist do you want to create the defeat for. Attempt to envision that artist on your beat. This may make your hip hop beat-making expertise a entire lot simpler.

3. Listen To Their Song- Get a hear towards the rap artist you might be creating the defeat for songs. See the type. Get a feel for your kind of hip hop beats the artist raps more than.

4. Formatting The Song- Extremely important. formatting is, the intro, verse, chorus, verse, bridge, and so forth. That is all it can be but fundamentally you just change the purchase about however you feel like it. Turn to the radio and see how your favorite artist formats there tune. When instruments come in, when they drop out. The most basic type to begin with is, 2 or 4 bar intro, 16 bar verse, 8 bar chorus, sixteen bar verse, 8bar chorus, sixteen bar verse, 8 bars chorus. This is the most fundamental beat-making song format. That is quite common in rap. When you want an even simpler way, you can make an 8 bar loop and maintain it the identical all through the entire tune. I have seen this done a lot.

5. Laying down the beat- I have discovered that for starters, it is easier to start together with the drums. Kick, Snare, Hi hat, are continually an excellent start. Report a pattern for four bars with those very first. Then layer that with maybe some toms, cow-bell, symbols, etc. What ever you want to use. THE DRUMS ARE Probably the most Essential IN Creating HIP HOP BEATS! Your drums must hit and hit Tough. The very best way to get your drums hitting challenging is by not using “pitty pat” free of charge kits you downloaded from the world wide web for absolutely free. If your drums are weak, then your beat is going to be weak.

six. Laying Down A Melody- This can be where most hip hop beat-makers have probably the most trouble. Simply because most consume makers can’t play the keys. For starters, you may desire to find out fundamental keyboard abilities. The main thing you need to discover are, significant and small scales. Immediately after you understand that, attempt and do diverse mixtures and patterns with all the drum beat you have created. Use an instrument like, a lead guitar, horns, clav, some thing that will stand out. Your melody can be on the other hand you would like it, but for starters, you could do a 4 bar melody, or an eight bar melody.

seven. Layering The Beat- What is carried out a lot in beat creating is layering. If you have your whole defeat completed. You are able to go and allow it to be sound larger by layering. All you do is fill in some gaps, do the identical pattern you probably did with 1 instrument with another instrument. Do that all through your beat. This may make you defeat sound a whole lot fatter.

8. Pan- Panning is basically having an instrument all the approach to the best, all of the method to the left, and anywhere in among. You pan for all types of unique reasons. It gives each track its own little room inside the stereo field. You’ll find no rules for panning, put you have to do it. So just attempt it out and see what you want most effective.

nine. The Mixdown- Rather crucial! Rather Essential! Really Significant! When you have a poor combine on your beat, then you’ve fairly much wasted your time. When mixing a defeat, commence with every track individually. Solo each and every track and be certain it seems beneficial by alone. EQ it when you have to, but when every track sounds beneficial by by itself, the whole defeat will sound that much better. Do not DISTORT! In case your master levels are within the red just before you bounce to disc or .mp3, your distorting. Don’t worry about if its not loud sufficient. You never at any time previously wish to distort. If you’re distorting, examine any instrument which has boom or lower finish, Like a kick, bass, sub, etc. these have a tendency to distort additional usually.

ten. The Bounce- Now that you simply created you are defeat, Its the hottest hip hop defeat at any time, you would like to place it on cd or upload it to the net. When you are exporting a defeat for cd, Use .wav file. 44.1 16bit. In the event you wish to upload to the internet use, 320kbps (the highest .mp3 high quality) or 128kbps. Most websites wont acknowledge 320kbps for the reason that the file measurement is too major. So go with 128kbps.

They are all just recommendations to assist you get began. There are an incredible number of ways to make a beat, But this is just to assist you get your ft wet for those who don’t know exactly where to begin. For far more wonderful facts and resources on beat making software and making beats go to our website nowadays.

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Band Recruitment Guidelines

by on Jul.02, 2011, under General

Regardless if it’s your wedding day, special birthday, New Year or perhaps any other special day that really needs to be celebrated, you need nothing less than the best to amuse oneself and your guest. You can find lots of means available for you to accomplish to achieve this, absolutely, although nothing beats a live band presentation when it reaches to entertainment.

In spite of this, looking for any perfect band and also employing them to perform in your celebration is not as easy as one thinks. The following are the three things that want to become considered before sealing the deal, so to speak.


Theme Concept Program

Though a number of live bandscan play kinds of music like classical, jazz, funk, rock and roll as well as pop, renting a band which will totally hold the idea of your special event is still a better concept.

If the gathering is exotic Caribbean themed, then a steel pan band is the perfect strategy to go. If you’re a youngster of the 80’s, and you want that era to become the showcase of your gathering, then choose a band that pays gratitude to the 80’s for that greatest memory lane trip.



Fit the bill and realize that we don’t have infinite sources. Engaging with the most pricey band is rather unnecessary to be assured of obtaining the best performance. With all the levels of competition in the modern market, plenty of live bands you can get can give top quality service at a very sensible price. You merely must be patient and look. You can easily use the internet and rake through websites that coordinate a good number of live bands that are categorized in their respective music genre. You can even find sites that actually list the range of prices so you can directly select your choice.



Don’t rent on the phone or even online when you’ve made your final choice. Don’t depend fully on advice and remarks. As what they say, you must examine the goods primarily. Watch them play live or maybe you can ask videos or tracks of their live jam performances. You should be certain that the music band you are hiring is really nearly as good as their reputation. Bear in mind that the live band entertainment can make your celebration a great success or maybe a dismal failure. Therefore, ensure that the performances they give will be amazing so you’ll get your money’s cost.

It isn’t in every occasion that any person will think of hiring a band. That is why one must not throw away the possibility to grace a party with live music. Take some time in viewing performances. Operate on a budget. Never make rash choices. Find the group that can best match your expectations and operate with you in terms of the cost and the repertoire.

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Slipknot Music – The Influence of Metal

by on Jul.01, 2011, under General

Clearly, Slipknot merch and albums have a strong, solid following. This is despite the fact that the band responsible for them have figured in several controversies and issues. Many other bands have had their share of conflicts and issues but this group seems to have courted controversy from the very start.

The year 1995 marked the birth of the band. It was spearheaded by Shawn Crahan and Paul Gray who were its first official members. The start already bore signs that the group wasn’t all too good at getting things organized. Other bands limited membership number but this group had a total of 13 members with up to 9 of them playing at the same time. Clearly, with too many artists on stage and on the studios, there was always a greater possibility of trouble brewing.

Early on, the band was said to have played such complicated sounds that what they produced while recording could not be played live. Initially, no one wanted to produce Slipknot music so the band had to produce its own songs with costs reportedly rising to as high as $40,000.

The band finally received its first record deal with Roadrunner Records in 1998. In 1999, they were finally able to release their self-titled debut album which in 2000 became their label’s first platinum release. The successful first work was followed in 2001 by goth clothing merch and Iowa. This second album was as well received as the first one but the following year almost saw the band fall apart as internal conflicts pushed them to go on hiatus.

From then on, the band’s status has been on rocky ground. Although a fourth release happened in 2004 with Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses), the band members were again on indefinite leave by 2005. They were back together again in 2006 to receive the Best Metal Performance award at the Grammy Awards and in 2008 to release All Hope is Gone. This was followed by a third break which was punctuated by the death of Gray in 2010.

Despite the apparent lack of hope for new Slipknot albums, controversies and criticisms continue to haunt the band members on indefinite leave. Among the least disturbing of these issues is the persona adopted by the different members while performing on stage. Band members wear different masks and jumpsuits and carry numbered aliases. Critics maintain that this is a basic commercial ploy to grab more attention and sell more albums. As expected, the members have denied this.

Weightier controversies have been slapped on the group, the most significant of which are links to criminal acts. Group members have not been convicted for crimes but various criminals have cited the group’s music as influential. There have been no clear records blaming the group for these instances but metal music critics nonetheless pin the blame on this band’s overly aggressive tune and lyrics.

We’ll never know for sure how much more influential Slipknot music will become. With band members pursuing individual projects and Gray dead, there is no telling just when this group will emerge with more of the distinctive belligerent sound.

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Collecting Gibson Vintage Guitars for Fun and Profit

by on Jun.30, 2011, under General

At any time considered that a guitar may be much more reliable investment in contrast to the stock market?  Vintage guitars are becoming a hot item in the collectibles market, and there are few icons more recognizable to individuals than a rock superstar and his guitar. Whilst a few weeks’ savings may have got a guitar in the 1960s, some of those instruments are selling for big bucks nowadays. Recently, George Harrison’s guitar sold for a little below six hundred thousand dollars, for example. Eric Clapton’s preferred Stratocaster from the 1970s, Blackie, sold for nearly a million.

While celebrity memorabilia have been a great investment for years, guitars on their own have primarily been overlooked. Even so, the guitar was perfected between the 1930s and the 1960s, depending on the model, and instruments from this interval are very highly regarded. Most individuals think that in 50 to a hundred years, guitars from the mid twentieth century should be thought of in a similar way as violins and cellos from the seventeenth and 18th century.

The attractiveness of any guitar expands over time, and there hasn’t yet been a period when the market declined. These vintage instruments are a good sort of protected investment. For enthusiasts who need to include all the bases, look at a varied assortment – acoustic, electric, exotic, antique, vintage, modern and even custom guitars.

Over the past few years the classic guitar market has taken a hit here and there but generally has proven to be a sound investment for most investors. The professionals say that when inflation accelerates and the greenback shrinks collectibles prove to be a good place for the money.  Although vintage guitars in general have revealed a slowdown in appreciation in the past couple years only, the most desired guitars continue to rise in value.  Many of the most coveted and valuable guitars are from Gibson and will be discussed in some detail below.

There is a quite limited supply of vintage guitars and there even now seems to be a high demand for these items of history which has turned out to be a great option for individuals who have invested in these instruments, such as the Gibson Les Pauls’ from the same era. (50’s, sixty, and 70’s).

A good put to begin accumulating vintage Gibson guitars as an investment would be to focus your projects on acquiring guitars from the number below.  Doing so number includes Gibson guitars which possess been inducted into Vintage Double bass Magazine’s Hall of Fame. There are, naturally, various email lists and other guitars really worth investing in, but doing so is absolutely a wonderful place to begin.

Gibson SG  Standard  –  Inducted in 2009

By 1960, declining sale of the Les Paul model had Gibson searching to revamp the guitar. So the manufacturer gave it a radically redesigned, much thinner (and lighter!) body, intended to better competet with Fender’s Stratocaster. But the points that produced its very heart and soul – in particular its humbucking pickups – remained. Nowadays, the early-’60s model is a true classic. Hence, a vintage Gibson SG Standard guitar will make a great investment.

Gibson Les Paul Goldtop  –  Inducted in 2008

Les Paul tried for many years to persuade Gibson it needed a solidbody in its line. Finally, Ted McCarty brought a single-cut experimental guitar to Les for his approval. However its origianl bridge/tailpiece was far from perfect, the instrument served as Gibson’s test bed through the ’50s. At some point, it arrived at the pinnacle amongst guitars and today sits amongst the top collectibles. A vintage Gibson Les Paul guitar is a good instrument and a stellar investment.

Giibson J-45  –  Inducted in 2007

Martin’s “dreadnought” flat-tops were big and dominated the guitar marketplace of the 1930s. By the early ’40s, Gibson understood it required a big flat-top to contend, and he J-45 (“J” for Jumbo, “45” indicating its price in dollars) was it. A 16″ round-shoulded flat-top, even in the tough times of its launch, it acquired a very warm welcome and has ever since remained one of – if not the – most popular Gibson guitars.

Gibson ES-5  –  Inducted in 2006

One of the initial guitars designed right after Ted McCarty took charge of Gibson, it helped solidify the manufacturer’s place as the world’s preeminent electric archtop maker. Nowadays, its late-’50s version with three PAF humbuckers and Switchmaster tone control is one of the most collectible of its ilk.

The 1954-’56 Gibson Les Paul Custom  –  Inducted in 2003

Can you say “Black Beauty?” Though Gibson didn’t give it the name, Les Paul himself chose black as the secondary color for the guitar bearing his moniker. Gibson did, nevertheless, use it to experiment with a three-pickup configuration and to implement its famed Alnico-magnet pickup.

Gibson SJ-200  –  Inducted in 2002

A landmark among acoustic flattops, the SJ-200 was designed for cowboy guitarist Ray Whitley, and any cowboy worth his salt played one. Its reputation carried over to various genres, and has never faded. From its jumbo-sized, sunburst-finished body to its ultra-fancy pickguard, bridge, and headstock, it was thought of the consummate flat-top.

Gibson ES-150  –  Inducted in 1999

Gibson’s first electric Spanish guitar was additionally the first good-quality electric to hit the market. Favored by Charlie Christian, it housed Gibson’s first pickup, which is still in high demand and thought of a classic.

Gibson Flying V  –  Inducted in 1996

One of the most distinct guitar styles previously created, but it wasn’t a hit once it came out in 1958. Rock and rollers discovered it the late ’60s and the V even now tends to make a distinctive statement today.

Gibson L-5   Inducted in 1994

Introduced in 1922 and with a style guided by the legendary Lloyd Loar, the L-5 was the first up to date archtop guitar. Initially a non-cutaway acoustic, the L-5 journeyed through quite a few changes, ultimately becoming a single-cutaway with two humbuckers.

Gibson Super 400  –  Inducted in 1993

Introduced in 1934, with its 18″ body and deluxe features, the Super 400 was the biggest and most expensive guitar in the Gibson line. Its influence was soon obvious in the designs of many of the good archtops designed by others. Whether the earlier non-cutaway acoustic version or the later on double-pickup cutaway, it remains a true work of art.

Gibson ES-335  –  Inducted in 1992

Born in the course of Gibson’s “golden era,” the semi-hollow body ES-335 wedded archtop looks with solidbody performance. Regardless of whether it has dot inlays or blocks, the vintage Gibson ES-335 guitar remains one of the funkiest designs in guitardom.

Gibson Les Paul Standard (Sunburst)  –  Inducted in 1990

Additionally an simple first-year selection, LP Standard was introduced with a sunburst finish in 1958, and the ’58 to’60 models are the most priceless vintage solidbody guitars. The Vintage Les Paul Standard is a classic no matter what finish it bears.



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