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Considerations When You Buy An Acoustic Guitar

by on Apr.07, 2011, under General

If you’re in the market to buy an acoustic guitar, there are some important features you may want to consider before actually making your purchase. Acoustic guitars are unique in that you don’t need amplification in order to hear them. They have their own special way of producing sound and this sound is one of the more important features to consider when buying an acoustic guitar.

You’ll find numerous places on the internet to buy an acoustic guitar by the big names in the industry like Fender, Gibson, Martin, Yamaha, Takamine, Taylor and so many others. Each has their own special way of building acoustic guitars and each offers that special sound that they believe to be the best. However, you as the player will have to decide on the sound you are looking for. Because the internet does not offer the ability to actually hear the guitar in person, your best option is to visit your local music stores and sample the various brands to see which one works best for you. Keep in mind that even once you find a sound you like, it doesn’t guarantee that the exact model down the street will be the same. No two guitars ever sound alike even if they’re made by the same manufacturer.

When you buy an acoustic guitar you are making an investment in an instrument that you will more than likely have for years to come. It’s important that your choice is as close to perfect as you can get it. Some of the features you will want to explore while searching, in addition to the sound, is the wood used in the building process. Different types of wood produce different acoustic sounds and the one that appeals to you will be important. In fact you may find after some testing that even though the manufacturer is different, they used the same wood in the building process and as a result you’re having a hard time deciding between the two. Another feature that can affect the sound, is the finish used in the process. Different manufacturers use particular finishes and some models have nothing more than an oil finish. One other thing can have quite an impact on the sound of your new guitar and that is guitar strings. Heavier gauge strings tend to deliver a more mellow tone as opposed to light gauge strings which can accentuate the high frequencies. Also affecting the sound is the body size. Larger bodies offer a mellower sound and promote bottom end while a smaller body will have a sound that is thin. From here you can mix body size and string gauge to change the result to one closer to what you’re looking for.

Once you’ve settled on a sound you like, the most important asset when you buy an acoustic guitar is the comfort of the body and neck. You want a guitar that feels good both sitting and standing. Especially if you plan on performing for others. Acoustic guitars are not known for their comfort when it comes to the body as the whole reason they produce the sound that they do is because of body size. They are not like their electric cousin in that respect. Also, the neck is extremely important as the pressure you have to apply to the strings can be painful if the strings are too far from the fret board. If you have short fingers the thickness of the neck will also be a factor. The major manufacturers generally offer higher end acoustic guitars that take these requirements into consideration.

Once you have determined your favorite, more than likely the most economical price will be found at an online website. The internet offers you the opportunity to shop many online stores without leaving home. You can compare prices, brands, models and features all from your computer. If you’ve done your homework as suggested earlier you will probably already have one or two models in mind and comparing the online prices and features will be easy. Naturally the more you spend the better chances you have of getting a real quality guitar in all aspects. Typically if you spend between $600 and $800 you should be able to find a quality guitar. Many online stores offer excellent discounts as incentives to guitarists who buy an acoustic guitar online as opposed to going to a local store.

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