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Sunday, May 16th 2021.

The Best Cable Testers To Buy

Guitar Musician has a full compliment of cable testers for sale and finding the best adaptors to buy depends on some important factors. The information on these pages should help you decide on the cable tester that best fits your individual needs.

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Ebtech Swizz Army Cable Tester
"The Ebtech Swizz Army Cable Tester is the professional's choice in multifunction cable testers. It displays the exact wiring of any cable or adapter-even allows testing of installed cables inside walls. Another cool feature is its patented intermittent d



Galaxy Audio Cable Tester
"The cable tester will quickly test 6 types of cables XLR, 1/4"", 1/8"", Speakon, stereo RCA, and DIN (Midi). It is extremely simple to use, with a pass / fail indicator that lights up when you plug each side of the cable into the CT and select the number



Livewire Cable Tester
"Tests Speakon, XLR, RCA, MIDI, USB, 1/4"", 1/4"" TRS and banana. In addition to cable products, Live Wire has taken their expertise in audio interconnection and applied it toward a variety of tools that assist in common solutions for sound professionals.



Palmer Audio Palmer Audio Ahmct 8 Cable Tester
"The AHMCT 8 tests the most critical cables on the stage and determines whether they are functioning or not, both visibly via LEDs and audibly via a buzzer. This makes it the perfect tool for engineers in the workshop and on stage.The Pro AHMCT operates s



Mackie Mtest-1 Cable Tester
"Never play the guessing game with cables again. Featuring a simple 5-way switch to test every pin, even with mismatched connectors, the battery-powered MTEST-1 is an essential tool to have in your bag for every gig. You can even manually test continuity