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Tuesday, April 13th 2021.

The Best Audio Cables And Sound Snakes To Buy

Guitar Musician has a full compliment of cables and snakes for sale and finding the best cable or snake to buy depends on some important factors. The information on these pages should help you decide on the audio cable or sound snake that best fits your individual needs.

guitar and instrument cable

Choose from a wide variety of guitar and instrument cables

Guitar And Instrument Cables
Jacks And Plugs
Cable Accessories
Cable Testers
Cable Adaptors

audio and rca cables

RCA Cables

Audio/RCA Cables
AES/EBU Cables

sound snakes

Sound Snakes

Recording Snakes
Stage Snakes

midi cables

Midi Cables

MIDI Cables

optical cables

Optical Cables

Optical/Light PIP Cables
S / PDIF Cables
Other Digital Cables

lighting cables

Lighting Cables

Lighting Cables

speaker cables

Speaker Cables

Speaker Cables