Backrest Drum Thrones

Backrest drum thrones, stools and accessories, drum sets including acoustic, electronic sets as well as drum machines for sale online! The biggest brand name manufacturers include tama, pearl, ludwig, yamaha, dw and more. We also carry a complete line of junior childrens drum sets for the beginner.

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Dw Heavy-Duty Air Lift Drum Throne Backrest
"The DW heavy-duty air lift drum throne backrest fits the tractor-style Heavy-Duty Air Lift Throne (445170) to provide added comfort.Note that DW products are not available for further discounting online. For additional information, please call 866-226-29



Pork Pie Throne Backrest Black
"This adjustable Pork Pie backrest will enhance lumbar support during play. This 3"" by 12"" attachment features a heavy-duty mounting plate and offers 2"" of adjustable lumbar support.Note: This backrest can only be mounted to a pre-drilled, backrest-rea



Tama 1St Chair Ergo-Rider Drum Throne With Backrest Black
"Tama's Ergo-Rider Throne provides absolute ergonomic comfort and support. The hybrid of a round seat and a saddle style seat, it offers the maneuverability of the former, and the playing support of the latter. The front cutaway allows unimpeded thigh mov



Gibraltar Rsgbr Backrest Attachment
Backrest attachment for Gibraltar Roc-N-Soc drum thrones.



Gibraltar Drum Throne With Oversized Motorcycle Seat And Backrest
This extra-wide motorcycle-style seat features a Cordura top with wrapped vinyl around the sides and bottom of the seat. Drum throne comes with a supportive backrest.



Pearl D2500 Drum Throne With Backrest
"The Pearl D-2500BR Drum Throne with backrest features a new motorcycle-style cushion with cushy tuck-and-roll padding for supreme comfort and support. The slim backrest permits free arm movement and adjusts forward/backward and up/down for perfect lumbar