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Saturday, January 25th 2020.

Guitar Accessories

Guitar Musician carries a wide range of accessories for acoustic, electric and bass guitar. You'll find guitar stands, strings, effects, pedals, pickups as well as replacement parts for your guitars.

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Guitar Accessories

Whether you play electric, acoustic, classical, bass, or a combination of all, every guitar player eventually realizes that they have accumulated a lot of guitar accessories. These accessories are important in the maintenance and storage of your instruments. They come from about a dozen different manufacturers, including major players in the guitar production game such as Fender, Yamaha, Washburn, and Gibson. Here is a quick list of some accessories you may find you would like for your guitar.


Guitar Capo: This device is used to shorten the strings of a guitar to produce a higher sound. The full name literally means head of the fretboard, which is where it is placed. Many different songs use a guitar capo to play standard finger placements (such as D or G) to produce a different sound. You can actually make your own capo, but buying one designed by Fender or another company will have a more professional look than a pencil and rubber band (and they are easier to apply).

Strap: Anyone who plays is going to eventually need a strap. It’s just more fun to play guitar while standing up. Guitarists have different ideas about how they like their guitar or bass straps. Some prefer a low strung guitar, while other may like their guitar just above the waist. A lot of guitarists who play for dances, etc., prefer to sling their guitars very high, almost at chest level.

Patch Cord: Guitars with pickups will need a patch cord or instrument cable to plug in to an amplifier. Strangely, this is one of the things that many guitarists forget. If you want to use that pickup, you will have to have a patch. I have found that you can’t go wrong with a long one, as too short is too bad but you can always use less cord if you need a shorter connection. You might also want to think about carrying your own adaptor, as many facilities only include mike patches.


String Winder: These are very useful guitar accessories, as they make the frequent job of string changing far less tedious. String winders help guitarists to tighten strings faster, as well as including a useful clip which assists in popping out pegs.

Pliers: You don’t need to look to Fender or Gibson for these handy accessories. Pliers are important for clipping the excess string after a change.


Humidifier: Guitars made of wood are susceptible to drying, especially if you live in an arid region. The dryness can cause the guitar to warp, resulting in a catastrophic change of sound. It might even wreck your guitar. Prevent drying by using a humidifier. It is a small accessory placed between the strings during times when you are not playing the guitar. It is refilled using a syringe and distilled water.

Case or Stand: You will find that your guitar needs to be protected when it is not in use. People who play frequently will find that a stand is their best option. Others, including people with little kids, may find that the extra protection offered by a case is in order (especially a hard case).

There are all sorts of different guitar accessories, the above are just a few that are pretty commonly used. Guitar amps, pickups, and picks are also considered accessories, and all of these even have accessories to accompany them!