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Wednesday, September 19th 2018.

Miscellaneous Guitar Amps

Guitar Musician has a full compliment of guitar amps by the biggest brand name manufacturers in the music industry. Our lineup includes bass amps, acoustic guitar amps as well as electric guitar amps all for the best prices on the net. Famous names like Fender, Gibson, Peavey, Crate, Marshall, Behringer, Line 6 and others.

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Jet City Amplification Jettenuator Amp Power Attenuator
"The Jet City 100 watt attenuator has some useful features, making it an excellent tool for both live and recording. Amp inputs at 4-, 8-, and 16-ohms makes Jettenuator more versatile than other attenuators. The continuous attenuation control lets you set



Radial Engineering Headload Prodigy Combination Load Box And Di 8 Ohm
"Like the larger Headload, the Prodigy employs custom-made, cement-encrusted, ceramic-coated resister coils to convert the excessive power from the amplifier to heat and is able to comfortably withstand up to 100-watts RMS.The Prodigy may be used in three



Bad Cat Unleash V2 Re-Amplifier And Power Attenuator
"Back in 2012 when Bad Cat released the original Unleash, it was the first device of its kind. The worlds first re-amplifier booster / attenuator. This Unleash would take any amplifier from 1 to 100 watts and transparently attenuate or boost the signal. W