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Guitar News And Events

Gibson Byrdland Guitar
-- Gibson Byrdland ( 1955 - present ) Thinline Archtop Acoustic Guitar The Gibson Byrdland i believe will be one of gibsons' most sought after guitars in the future , these guitars are part of Gibsons' historical collection . The name byrdland was named after Billy byrd and Hank garland who contributed in the making of the gibson byrdland guitar . In Mid 1955 The gibson byrdland was introduced
Gibson Guitars Sponsors 7 City Experience Hendrix Tour
The Experience Hendrix Tour, launching October 16 at Washingtons Constitution Hall, has gained significant momentum even before its kick-off date. Just added to the previously announced star-flecked whirlwind five city sold-out run are two additional dates: Providence, RI plus a return New York engagement at the tours conclusion. Total: seven performances over the course of seven successive nights is sponsored by Gibson Guitar, the worlds premier musical instrument manufacturer and leader in music technology.
Gibson Les Paul Standard
Gibson Les Paul Standard Guitars ( 1958 - Present) In 1952 gibson introduced the first gibson les paul model which were and are better known as gibson les paul goldtop guitars due to the gold top finish . In mid 1958 gibson replaced the goldtop finish with a sunburst finish with the grain of the maple top visible until 1960 and renamed it the gibson les paul standard sunburst . ( 59 models had
Egnater Holding Two Day Amp Building Seminars

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Gibson Byrdland Guitar
Gibson Guitars Sponsors 7 City Experience Hendrix Tour