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Tuesday, January 22nd 2019.

Martin Guitars

The name martin guitars is one of the most famous names for guitars Worldwide. Martin's long history of providing quality stringed instruments is evident in their product line. For decades they have been offering quality acoustic, and acoustic-electric models as well as classical nylon string guitars. All are great looking, superb sounding and best of all affordable in most instances. Martin guitars come in many different styles including natural wood finishes, laminated spruce tops, laminated mahogany back and sides and mixtures of these. A Martin guitar is crafted with the best raw materials, and made by world-renowned skilled craftspeople and these dedicated workers set out to make sure that your Martin guitar will look, feel and sound great from the moment you pick it up. Whether you choose a Martin with abalone inlay, or herringbone trim, or a simple satin finish, you will sense our sure eye for attention to detail. As much or more work goes into the inside of a Martin Guitar as the outside. Take a peek through the soundhole and see the pristine craftsmanship hiding in there. Examine the corners, the bindings, and the interior structure, and you will appreciate the artistry within, as well as without. You don�t need to be an experienced player to sense the unmistakable touch and feel of a Martin Guitar. Or to appreciate its responsiveness. In the early 1980s, to satisfy the needs of players�many of whom developed strong interest in acoustic guitars after starting with electrics�Martin began to slim the necks and modify the action to ease playability without sacrificing Martin�s unique responsiveness and clean sound. A Martin Guitar has a distinctive sound that Martin players can pick out from the next room. We�ve seen it happen time and again. What gives a Martin this singular tone? We can�t give away all our secrets, but we can tell you this: The top of an acoustic guitar plays a critical part. The more it vibrates, the more resonance it adds to the tone. You can buy their infamous models online in a safe secure environment. If you can't find the instrument of your choice on these pages, we'd be happy to find that special model for you. Simply contact us and state your preference. We'll track down your information and get back to you with our findings.