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Read and write reviews on bass guitars. Share your experience and knowledge with others in the community regardless of whether your experience has been good or bad. The more you share the stronger the community becomes.

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Epiphone EB3

4 Stars Rating
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The EB-3 is a solidbody electric bass that features a full 34" scale length and adds a sidewinder humbucker and 1 mini humbucker.

I love the bass and for my style of music is perfect. I have been playing bass 4 years, and in the current band for 18 months. It has seen a lot of life and is still carrying on, whilst the guitarist has been through countless guitars. If I lost it or completely broke it, I would be sure to buy another one, though I would probably check denmark street for an old 60s/70s P-Bass first, I find they also have a great sound. Though it could only be an old one, and even then I would most likely get another EB-3, especially if they hd a Vintage one!! I love it all over, but the sound is perfect in my ears. It sounds so low, and at gigs people have commented on it sounding below the kick drum! The weight is heavy which I like, as it makes me feel like I'm playing a big beast. The long neck is also very nice, and the fact that not many people play EB-3s (all have PBs/JBs/MM's/Ibanez's) makes it look quite exclusive, and gives the band a good image as an retro classic rock band. The only thing it could feature to improve it could be possibly a slightly beefier pickup at the bridge, as much as the mini HB is useful as a top end helper for the sidewinder, it can't hold out on it's own at all.

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