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Read and write reviews on electric guitars. Share your experience and knowledge with others in the community regardless of whether your experience has been good or bad. The more you share the stronger the community becomes.

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'57 Stratocaster

4 Stars Rating
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2005 Fender Japan 1957 Reissue Stratocaster. 21 vintage frets, 1 piece D-shape maple neck with a 7 1/2" radius.

Overall this a top quality instrument, far superior to the Mexican equivalent and easily on par with the American models. The finish is flawless on my example, the neck is very comfortable and, although laquered, it is never sticky just silky smooth. I haven't had any problems with this guitar, it will last me indefinately. I would definately replace it with an identical model were it lost or stolen. Incidently I was originally after a Telecaster or a Jazzmaster, but this is far more versatile and outplayed them. Yes, they're everywhere but until I owned my own Stratocaster I didn't realise how personal they become. I'm not planning on altering or modding this in any way, I wanted the pure '50s Vintage approach, which in my opinion is the peak of Stratocaster design.

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