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Studio Pro 112

Great for metal, even clean. You can't get as warm as a tube like a Fender, but its awesome.

Price Paid - $100

Features: 2 Channels, foot switchable if you have it. Its trans tube, no idea what that means, go look it up. High gain input and low gain input, FX send return. Speaker out, as if this wasn't loud enough already.

Sound: Clean channel has a button for bright, it sounds good, especially on single coil. Great reverb, crank it all the way up and you get an awesome sound on the clean channel. On the lead channel, you have a gain button, and thrash button. Thrash is more fuzzy, gain has a lot of crunch. Keep both buttons off and you get a lighter gain, press them both you get well, a really muddy sound. I use a cheap strat with a bridge humbucker, clean sounds great on the single coils, lead is awesome with the humbucker.

Reliability & Durability: Just got it, so I don't know. It was used, and it works. Its built like a tank, no BS on this sucker.

Studio Pro 112
5 Stars Rating
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