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FX72 Bass Stereo Flanger

A DOD FX72 Stereo flanger for electric bass guitar.

Price Paid - $45

Ease of Use: Not rocket science. The only somewhat tricky knobs would be delay and regeneration, not hard if you know anything about flangers. As mentioned earlier, the funky power supply is a pain.

Sound: I have an Ibanez Soundgear 405 (soon to get an ergodyne edc705) and various other Boss and Ibanez and DOD pedals (don't want to give away my secrets) into a Roland DB 500 Amp. This pedal sounded WAY too thin. The actual flange sound was good, but when you're playing heavy fat sounding bass, this puppy ruins your tone you've worked so hard to define. I have never used the Boss BF2 on bass, since it was designed for guitar, which is probably why someone said earlier that DOD beats Boss on modulation (which is bullcrap). The Boss Bass Chorus was too subtle for me, but it sounded much better than any DOD Chorus, and the new Boss BF3 is now my flanger of choice. It's so thick, fat warm and gooey. I love it. Anyway. Maybe when it came out was good, and i'm sure it's ok for the price you'd find it for, but if you want serious flange sounds, go BF-3. You won't regret it, or even the difference in $. // 8 Reliability & Durability: After a week one of the lids fell off a knob (regen knob i think). Footswitch seems a little's probably spent a few years in the store though. FX72 Bass Stereo Flanger
4 Stars Rating
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