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Sample Logic Music Production & Recording Software at Guitar Musician

The digital insurgence in recent times has brought much of the recording power and scope formerly available only to high-end professional studios within reach of even the more modest home studio. With the expanding increase of software companies providing a multitude of programs, plug-ins and apps, the choices can be intimidating, but this also means there is certainly a recording format that will seamlessly match your needs, abilities and financial plan. Guitar Musician has a full compliment of music production software for recording right on your home computer. Turn your favorite room into a recording studio by starting with our famous brands like Sample Logic and many others.


Sample Logic Synergy Virtual Instrument Library Software
"Weighing in at more than 18GB, the Synergy virtual instrument collection features over 1200 instruments, tempo-synced loops, and multis to deliver the next generation of diverse sounds in an intuitive user interface. Powered by Native Instruments KONTAKT



Sample Logic The Elements Exp Virtual Instrument Library Software
"With an enhanced Graphical User Interface and expertly programmed instruments and multis, The Elements EXP KONTAKT player library is an entirely redesigned package compared to the original Elements collection by Sample Logic. Weighing in at over 2000+ in